• #StuffMicrosoftSays: “Don’t Get Scroogled,” Launches Holiday Bing Campaign

    #StuffMicrosoftSays: “Don’t Get Scroogled,” Launches Holiday Bing Campaign

    Microsoft just launched a full-on offensive campaign for holiday shoppers called “Scroogled.” Yes, it’s what you think it is, it’s an attempt to tell people not to get screwed over by Google this holiday shopping season. This is a Bing campaign, in case you weren’t sure. It’s pretty strong words, coming from any company. My thing? Don’t call… Read More

  • Is the Nikon Q the next EVIL camera?

    There’s been some interesting noises coming out of Photokina in the form of some leaked photos that were sent to Nikon Rumors. There’s not much to the photos, just some phone camera shots of what closely resembles the lens mount of the new EVIL camera that Nikon has patented. Could we be seeing a micro 4/3rd’s from Nikon next week? Read More

  • Take A Sneak Peek At Nikon's EVIL Patent

    Not to be outdone by the other camera manufacturers, Nikon has been working on an EVIL camera (Canon is already evil, so they haven’t come out with one yet), and we’re finally getting a peek at it. Admittedly, the peek is line drawing and technical specs from a patent application, but it is a peek none the less. Nikon Rumors found the patent applications while looking at… Read More

  • Don't buy Lord Of The Rings on Blu-ray (yet)

    So Lord of the Rings (hereafter called LOTR) is coming out on Blu-ray tomorrow. Cool, having it in HD will nice. Better sound and maybe better picture. But you shouldn’t buy the version that comes out tomorrow, because you won’t be happy. Read More

  • Sony shows off the Alpha concept camera menus and screenshots

    We told you about Sony’s new concept cameras that were announced during PMA, and now that things have calmed down a bit, we’re starting to see some details. Specifically, what’s going on with the menu system, and what exactly is going to make these cameras so interesting. Read More

  • Nikon teasing an EVIL camera?

    To Canon shooters, all Nikon cameras are evil. But none are truly EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens). That may change soon, if the current tease campaign underway in France is any indication. These little cards, counting down to March 5th if we assume one per business day — coincidentally, Nikon has scheduled a press conference in the UK for that very day! So far, the… Read More

  • CNN & Cracked take the piss out of Apple and Jobs

    As much as we love Apple products here at CrunchGear, sometimes we don’t particularly care for Apple the company. Realistically, if you look at their track record, there’s quite an interesting list of abuses towards their customers with the supposedly untouchable Steve Jobs at the center of it all. Read More

  • Rumor: Is Panasonic working on a sucessor to the GF1?

    So what’s the deal? Is Panasonic working on a new camera? The short version is yes. The long version is a little more complicated. Read More

  • Olympus E-P2 not just official, but for sale too

    So we told mere moments ago (in internet time) that Olympus had officially announced the leaked and rumored E-P2, the latest in their line of EVIL cameras. The good news: they’re not just announced, you can buy one online too! Read More

  • "Grapefruit" 360-degree video camera – wonderful or terrifying?

    I can’t tell whether the idea of this 360-degree video camera is a good or a bad thing, but I’m surprised we haven’t seen more stuff like it. Stitching the images together from a live feed can’t be that hard if you control the hardware — this might be really nice for concerts and stuff. Or, alternately, we’re heading towards a situation where everybody… Read More

  • Kensington's new keyboard is actually slick and different

    I don’t know what the feeling is that I get from this keyboard. I feel like it’s a bad guys keyboard. Like how in the first season of 24 all the bad guys used PCs? I feel like they should also have been using these keyboards. Functional and attractive, yet stark and somehow menacing, this is the keyboard which which an arch-villain might stock his evil HQ. I want one. Read More

  • English lady columnist calls video games 'crack cocaine'

    [photopress:vcross.jpg,full,right] This lady rules. Janice Turner of The Times—they have a decent football podcast—goes into the familiar “new technology is scary and stupid and I wish the Old Days were here again when I didn’t have to know what a Web site was and how to dial a mattress” crutch in a recent column entitled “Xbox is crack for kids”… Read More

  • 666 exorcised from Louisiana prefixes

    There are places all over America where 666, The Number Of The Beast, is a telephone prefix. Reeves, in Allen Parish, LA, is one less place, having finalized to change 666 to 749 over the next 90 days. This is sad for teenage goth kids througout the area, and for the one guy who’s number spelled the easy-to-remember word “MONSTER”.

    666 Phone Prefix Cast Out Of Allen… Read More

  • Google evil for not supporting troops, hating on fetuses

    Google changes its logo for holidays and special occasions. They added a little Sputnik, did a cute little Chinese dragon boat, and even celebrated Edvard Munch’s birthday. But one thing those lying, stinking anti-American Talibanists didn’t do was celebrate Columbus, Memorial, or Veteran’s day. That’s right, people, Google hates our troops. Some believe that Google is… Read More

  • Titanic Bad Karma: Watches Made from Famous Shipwreck

    The Titanic was the one-time largest boat in the world, and is now a metaphor for things going wrong despite all the odds. You’ll want to keep that in mind when you purchase one of these luxury watches from Romain Jerome, as they’re made partially out of parts salvaged from the sunken oceanliner. Sure, there’s the novelty of having part of one of the most romantically… Read More

  • Google AdWords: Screwing Us Every Which Way?

    Back when I was on the buying end of Google AdWords, I discovered how draconian the company was when you tried to buy certain terms. Your website had to match certain requirements – no pop-ups, for example – and then you were charged an arm and a leg for intermittent rotation and you liked it. Well, it seems the bloom is off the rose and any punk with a domain name and a dream… Read More