Nikon teasing an EVIL camera?

To Canon shooters, all Nikon cameras are evil. But none are truly EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens). That may change soon, if the current tease campaign underway in France is any indication. These little cards, counting down to March 5th if we assume one per business day — coincidentally, Nikon has scheduled a press conference in the UK for that very day! So far, the only clue is “Je suis fun,” meaning “I am fun,” which really could mean anything. But Nikon, like most camera companies, releases its point-and-shoots in batches (“je” is singular), and its DSLRs aren’t really supposed to be “fun.” So the speculation is that it’s something in between.

A non-DSLR interchangeable lens camera from a very DSLR-orientated company might sound weird, but it’s really a question of market segmentation. DSLRs are expensive, and the real benefits of a true SLR body are frequently left unused by first-time shooters. They’d just as happily shoot with an electronic shutter and have a more compact package to work with. Why not push R&D into that type of device, and focus on the pros with your DSLR line? It gives your DSLRs a good reputation and helps pioneer a new device market at the same time. And if a portion of the lenses already on the market fit the mount — you’re laughing.

Too bad it’s really all just loose talk right now. “Je suis fun” could also mean a rugged and waterproof compact, or a pocket camcorder or something. The teaser postcards should just keep on arriving, so we’ll keep you informed if there are any new revelations.

[via Nikon Rumors]