Titanic Bad Karma: Watches Made from Famous Shipwreck

2007_04_13t052941_297×450_us_luxury_titanic.jpgThe Titanic was the one-time largest boat in the world, and is now a metaphor for things going wrong despite all the odds. You’ll want to keep that in mind when you purchase one of these luxury watches from Romain Jerome, as they’re made partially out of parts salvaged from the sunken oceanliner.

Sure, there’s the novelty of having part of one of the most romantically famous ships ever on your wrist, but I couldn’t hack it, knowing I’ve got part of a collective tomb for thousands under my sleeve. Just sayin’.

If you’re stout, though, you can have one of the 2,012 watches for as little as $7,800. Hope it makes you happy, ghoul.

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