CNN & Cracked take the piss out of Apple and Jobs

As much as we love Apple products here at CrunchGear, sometimes we don’t particularly care for Apple the company. Realistically, if you look at their track record, there’s quite an interesting list of abuses towards their customers with the supposedly untouchable Steve Jobs at the center of it all.

Cracked ran a bit today called 5 Reasons You Should be Scared of Apple, and they raise some very salient points about Apple’s history, and what we let them get away with by buying their products. Even CNN isn’t above pointing out that sometimes, just sometimes, you just can’t trust the man in the black turtleneck. CNN takes a little more of a personal look at Jobs and the way he pretty much just straight up lies whenever someone asks him a direct question about product development. I mean, secrecy sure, but it’s kind of ridiculous how they claim not to have any interest in something at all, only to come up with a competing product six months later.