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Why Latin American SaaS startups are different from their US peers

Many of Latin America's SaaS businesses outperform others at efficiency metrics, but capital scarcity also puts a limit to innovation, although AI could change that.

A SaaS revolution is coming for the 99%

We are seeing a groundswell of interest from the tech industry to develop ways to serve frontline workers.

What if Christensen was wrong about disruption?

If you build a truly great product, people will happily pay for it. Just check out how well Apple and Tesla have done.

Startups must strategize and budget for AI-assisted software development in 2024

Enterprises need to understand how much to budget into AI tools, how to weigh the benefits of AI vs. new recruits, and how to ensure their training is on point.

Was HPE’s $14B Juniper acquisition a wise move?

As you’ll see, the companies think the numbers look pretty good, and they really do match up well (so long as HPE doesn’t mess it up).

Consumer tech is bound for a comeback among unicorns, but maybe not just yet

Cowboy Ventures predicts that "given the hard shift to enterprise," we can "hope and expect more exciting consumer unicorns will be born in coming years."

Zupyak’s unique startup journey: Building companies without a fixed idea

Avoid the safety of ordinary products and aim for innovation and distinctiveness. Dare to be different and push boundaries.

How to build the foundation for a profitable AI startup

Building a profitable AI business poses unique challenges beyond those faced when launching a typical tech startup.

Building a viable pricing model for generative AI features could be challenging

As companies, large and small, layer on generative AI features, they could struggle to find a pricing scheme that balances value and cost.

What a long, strange year it’s been in enterprise tech news

Looking back at the top enterprise news stories of the year, it's clear that generative AI dominated, but it wasn't the only news.

Three steps to take your company out of the one-product mold

Daniel Lereya Contributor Daniel Lereya is the chief product and technology officer at, where he is responsible for driving the company’s forward-looking product strategy, vision, and exe

In a slow year for enterprise tech M&A, there were few standout deals

It was a slow year in enterprise technology M&A, and the total was the second lowest since we started compiling the data in 2018.

Salesforce escaped from the jaws of activists to find stability in 2023

Salesforce started the year with an unusual level of turbulence, but after escaping activist investors, it ended up having a good year.

IT budgets should increase in 2024, but it still could be tough going for startups

What does it all mean for startups entering 2024? It means they have to prove their worth more than ever.

The Rule of X and how cloud leaders should think about growth versus profit

Assigning equal weight to growth and profitability for late-stage businesses is flawed and has caused misguided business decisions.

Democracies are fragile, and hardware is hard

Sometimes it's important to state the obvious. That democracies are fragile but that technology can help. And also that crowdfunding isn't always the best way to launch an innovative product.

Choosing the right deep tech fund manager: 4 essential questions for investors and founders

To master deep tech investing, a VC fund manager must understand market opportunities that are growing in size and at a rate that cannot be ignored.

The possibility of regulation hangs on the horizon over generative AI

While it's easy to get lost in the hype of generative AI, you have to remember there could be a big governance piece coming.

Why in-house platforms can undermine your business strategy

While the allure of absolute control is compelling, technical leaders must critically reassess its long-term viability.

Twilio might actually deserve activist investor attention

Twilio's stock has fallen from $400 a share in 2021 to somewhere in the $60s today. It's no wonder activist investors are circling.
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