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Bee Partners closes fourth fund to add more capital for pre-seed founders in deep tech

The San Francisco-based venture capital firm invests in companies focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and frontier technologies.

How to fundraise when your deep tech startup sounds like sci-fi

Your pitch may well be the first time a VC has even heard of a concept, so how can they possibly work out how to invest in your idea when it sounds like sci-fi?

HCVC is back with a new $75 million deep tech fund

Paris-based VC firm HCVC just announced the final closing of its second fund, simply called “Fund II.” And the team has managed to raise $75 million (€69 million) so that it can back pre-seed an

TechCrunch+ Roundup: Prompt engineering, web3 gaming survey, how to spend $10K on paid ads

TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 ended yesterday, and out of all the events I've attended since working here, this one was my favorite.

How deep tech founders can secure early-stage fundraising in a downturn

Deep tech companies, especially in the early stages in difficult funding environments, should focus first and foremost on closing the deal.

Main Sequence hits first close of $450M AUD for its third deep tech fund

Main Sequence, an Australian venture capital firm, said Wednesday it has raised the $450 million AUD (approximately $303 million) first close of its third fund. The venture capital firm, founded by Au

Deep tech in Latin America and the Caribbean is set to skyrocket

While the prospect of new factories and more jobs is good news for Mexico, the country and its Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) peers can harbor higher hopes when it comes to deep tech, a new report

TechCrunch+ roundup: Deep tech tips for SaaS VCs, toxic fundraising, student visa startup options

If someone said "startup" while we were playing a word association game, I’d respond with "fundraising." (I bet you would, too.)

Software investors must (re)learn these 3 ideas before getting into deep tech

Traditional VCs are still stuck with their now low-margin businesses, unable to move forward and invest in the next big thing: deep tech.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Deep tech fundraising, negative trade secrets, 3 metrics investors love

You can’t create a magic plan to save your startup — there are simply too many factors outside of your control.

A VC’s perspective on deep tech fundraising in Q1 2023

As realizing big exits becomes difficult, deep tech startups transforming entire industries offer some of the only paths to "10x exits."

How we pivoted our deep tech startup to become a SaaS company

Pivoting from hardware to SaaS was the right move for our electric motor design startup, but the process wasn’t precisely linear.

Fairmat raises $35M to recycle carbon fiber composite into a new material

French startup Fairmat closed a $35 million Series A funding round (€34 million) last month. It wants to turn carbon fiber composite that is no longer in use into a new material that can be used in

Deep tech VC First Star plots a $40M third fund

First Star, backer of deep tech startups like Plus One and Fyto, aims to raise as much as $40 million for its third venture fund, TechCrunch has learned. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, First Star

Cantos launches its third fund, ploughing $50M into near-frontier startups

Hard tech is hard, but when there are major breakthroughs, that can come with outsize returns and enormous opportunities. Cantos just closed its third fund to invest in science-forward companies at th

BAI Capital targets China’s globalizing startups with fresh $700M fund

BAI Capital, the storied China-focused venture investment firm that was formerly known as Bertelsmann Asia Investments, has raised $700 million to back Chinese companies that are part of the country&#

Robotics scene continues to be bullish, but layoffs are looming

“In an economic downturn, the customers will be less willing to be experimental, so they're thinking about cutting costs and then economics just becomes so much more important.”

Sequoia Capital China raises $9B amid cooling tech sector

Sequoia Capital’s China affiliate has pulled in $9 billion in fresh capital to back the country’s tech companies across all stages, The Information first reported. The raise arrived at a t

Here’s why climate tech may avoid repeating clean tech’s failures

Climate tech is more than just a rebrand of clean tech — it offers founders and investors new tools to make profits and slash carbon.

Europe’s deep tech depends on university spinouts

Deep tech has become a hot topic in Europe. One of the key arguments: European countries have great universities and talent. But how can academic talent translate into startups?
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