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  • And Now a Folksy Update From Carol Bartz, Massive Outage Relegated to "PS"

    Talk about burying the lead. For your Friday reading pleasure, the latest memo from “fearless leader” Carol Bartz, talking up how far the company has come and how the outage just proved how important Yahoo is. Read it for yourself: “There sure are a lot of folks writing about us. There are some pretty incredible stories out there.  I’m not letting it distract me, and… Read More

  • The Dream Is Collapsing: Another Massive Yahoo Re-Org Coming Next Tuesday

    The Dream Is Collapsing: Another Massive Yahoo Re-Org Coming Next Tuesday

    Yahoo is in shambles right now. You’ve likely already heard about the most recent SVP exits, which CEO Carol Bartz has tried to spin. Now we’ve heard another one is leaving as well — Jeff Kinder, the SVP of Media Products and Solutions. And you know what that means — time for a massive re-org at the top of Yahoo. Yes, again. Based on what we’re hearing, this… Read More

  • The Surprising Religion of Jack Ma

    Jack Ma– CEO of The Alibaba Group and president of the Carol Bartz fan club— was on Charlie Rose this week, and while he didn’t offer any more insight into the Yahoo situation, he said a lot of interesting things. Ma is a force. He’s going at half-normal-speed in this video. I saw him speak at the World Economic Forum last week in Chinese and the translators… Read More

  • If Yahoo Goes Private And Bartz Is Fired, Quora Wins

    My love affair with Quora continues. I simply can’t think of another site where so much useful information is being organized so rapidly in one place. You’ve got experts fielding anonymous questions. You’ve got high-profile people answering questions about themselves or their companies. And you’ve got juicy speculation. At TechCrunch, part of what we do is gather… Read More

  • The Case for Bartz NOT Getting Fired from Yahoo

    The Case for Bartz NOT Getting Fired from Yahoo

    What the hell? Since my blindingly obvious post yesterday that said the post-2000 crash was worse for tech than this recent one was somehow considered controversial, how about an actual controversial statement to start this morning: Why Yahoo shouldn’t rush to fire Carol Bartz. Yesterday, we wrote about the Twitter dog pile on Bartz, but I doubt the Yahoo board or management… Read More

  • Entire Tech World Piles On Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz

    After an analyst reported that Yahoo, Inc stock was worth “less than nothing” today, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz made an apparently unsuccessful case for her company’s value to Wall Street during a Q&A at the Goldman Sachs’ Communacopia Conference in New York. Paid Content’s Joseph Tartakoff outlined some of the highlights, including Bartz on hiring, “I… Read More

  • Bartz in a China Shop: Has Yahoo's CEO Wrecked the Valley’s Most Valuable Chinese Relationship?

    Bartz in a China Shop: Has Yahoo's CEO Wrecked the Valley’s Most Valuable Chinese Relationship?

    The Chinese aren’t exactly prone to emotional outbursts in front of Western reporters. In China, if you insult a business partner in the press, there’s likely a calculating reason behind it. Witness the latest volley by’s CEO David Wei towards Yahoo, which owns 40% of the parent company for his Chinese ecommerce powerhouse. “Why do we need a financial… Read More

  • Carol Bartz Perfects The Art Of Swearing At TechCrunch Disrupt: The Video

    Carol Bartz Perfects The Art Of Swearing At TechCrunch Disrupt: The Video

    By now, maybe you’ve read that Michael Arrington interviewed Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz this morning at TechCrunch Disrupt. Now you can hear it. And believe me, you’ll want to. Bartz had some interesting things to say about Facebook, Google, Apple, and even TechCrunch — hell, just about everyone but Yahoo (she mainly dodged those questions). But let’s be honest, you just want… Read More

  • Carol Bartz To Michael Arrington: "F*ck Off!"

    Well, that just happened. Today at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York City, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz took the stage for a fireside chat with our own Michael Arrington. It took about 15 minutes, but Mike got her to tell him to “fuck off.” That’s not all she had to say. When Mike pressed her about Yahoo outsourcing the social graph to Facebook. Bartz admitted that if she could own it… Read More

  • D7 Buzz: Bartz And Ballmer Meeting This Morning

    When Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz suggested yesterday at the D7 conference that she would consider doing a deal with Microsoft for “boatloads of money,” she might have been doing more than just answering a hypothetical question. It could have been an opening salvo. If the late-night buzz I heard at the conference is correct, Bartz is meeting this morning with Microsoft CEO Steve… Read More

  • Bartz Wants To Buy Social And Video Startups; Would Sell Yahoo For "Boatloads Of Money"

    Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz reiterated today that Yahoo is still talking with Microsoft “a little bit” about a possible search deal, but said that it would require a “boatload of money” along with the right data-sharing arrangement (because the search data is key to Yahoo revenues, ad relevance, and user experience). Pressed onstage at the AllThingsD conference whether she… Read More