Entire Tech World Piles On Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz

After an analyst reported that Yahoo, Inc stock was worth “less than nothing” today, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz made an apparently unsuccessful case for her company’s value to Wall Street during a Q&A at the Goldman Sachs’ Communacopia Conference in New York.

Paid Content’s Joseph Tartakoff outlined some of the highlights, including Bartz on hiring, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to my assistant and said, ‘Do you know who this person is,’ and they’re about six layers down.”

Bartz on product engagement, “She blamed consumers who are increasingly sending short messages via Facebook instead of via e-mail and also a “pretty old” product.”

And Bartz on China …

“Bartz dismissed some of the recent coverage of the two companies’  [Yahoo, Inc & AliBaba] relationships as “commotion.” But she did acknowledge that the value of the company’s Asian assets “tower over the value of Yahoo Inc,” Tartakoff here referring to the fact  that while Yahoo’s stakes in China and Japan are the bulk of its value, Bartz has done the company no favors in terms of fortifying its Chinese relationships.

Which lead PaidContent founder Rafat Ali to call for her head on Twitter (weirdly through a retweet of a Business Insider story and not Paidcontent’s), which was retweeted by the prolific Techmeme tipper Atul Arora with a “+1,” which was then retweeted by Hunch co-founder Chris Dixon with a “X10.”

Bartz has not won any popularity contests during her two year stint as Yahoo, I c CEO. Is this Twitter open call for her firing by industry influencers a sign that she is on the way out?