The Dream Is Collapsing: Another Massive Yahoo Re-Org Coming Next Tuesday

Yahoo is in shambles right now. You’ve likely already heard about the most recent SVP exits, which CEO Carol Bartz has tried to spin. Now we’ve heard another one is leaving as well — Jeff Kinder, the SVP of Media Products and Solutions. And you know what that means — time for a massive re-org at the top of Yahoo. Yes, again.

Based on what we’re hearing, this re-org will take place next Tuesday. Of course, us reporting on this means that it could possibly be moved (as has happened in the past with Yahoo deals), but as of right now that’s the plan.

Based on what we’re hearing Yahoo Chief Product Officer Blake Irving may be the big winner of this re-org, as he’s been seen as the rising star in the company. Word is that he’ll be bringing some of his old Microsoft chums in to join him in high-up positions at this new-look Yahoo.

Losing Kinder would be another big blow for Yahoo as he currently oversees: Yahoo! Front Page, Finance, Sports, News, Entertainment, Shopping, Travel, Autos, Real Estate, Local, and Small Business.

As for Bartz? She’s still in charge for now. But there is some talk of attempted coups. In fact, that may be the reason this whole re-org is┬ánecessary┬áright now.

The dream is collapsing.