WITN: The Dumbest and Smartest People of 2010, Plus Our Predictions for 2011 (TCTV)

With apologies to Car Talk, you’ve squandered a perfectly good half-of-a-year watching “Why Is This News?” and we decided to reward you with a show that actually contains business analysis, rather than a rant about hotels or the hijinks of Michael Arrington.

In this week’s episode Paul and Sarah give their picks for the dumbest and smartest people of 2010, a slam-dunk prediction for 2011 and a Hail Mary prediction for 2011. We know you’ll remind us of the ones we forgot in the comments.

The downside of doing a year-end episode is it’s filmed without the help of TCTV’s crack editing team. Forgive a few rough transitions, but we wanted to keep this episode short….well, short for us. We know you people have family to hug, Holiday dinners to eat and presents to unwrap.

Video below.