YesterdayMe: A Site That Tracks Yesterday’s Alcohol Consumption

Every few days something really amazing dumps over the transom here at TC HQ. Today it was Built by Vladimir V. Tuporshin and partner, Ilja Razinkov, the site essentially allows you to enter yesterday’s alcohol consumption. Why? Because, that’s why.

While the Russians are known for their heavy-duty drinking – although they’re moving from vodka to beer and wine these days, perhaps to prevent liver death – this site is ingenious in that it offers a very simple, hangover-proof interface for registering how much you sucked down. By sliding little drink indicators back and forth, you can tell the world or just yourself that you had too many beers.

The site existed as a Russian-only tool until yesterday. Tuporshin wrote: “It was 1312’s hobby project, which we thoroughly developed during its first year, and then switched to the Pocket Lists project. Now we are dating with YesterdayMe again!”

The company, incidentally, has an interesting post about selling a simple To-Do list app on their blog as well, so you can come for the booze tracking and stay for the analysis.

Sadly, the sliders on the site only go up to 10 shots, which suggests that they may need to offer a freemium “bottle drinker” offer for folks like me.