Tesco Will Work With A South African Empowerment Project To Create The First “Social” Wine. This Won’t End Well

I usually don’t like potentially viral feel-good PR BS from tech companies – let alone grocery chain Tesco – but, as a lush, I’m slightly intrigued by this campaign. Basically the chain is working with a South African empowerment group called Enaleni Community to produce a wine. To quote the release, “the wine’s grape, name and design will all be selected socially,” which means Tesco is setting up a Facebook page.

This will be interesting.

Given that the average 4channer can’t resist bombing social media campaigns and given the target, I suspect Tesco may have bitten off more than they can chew here. That said, it’s a worthy cause. Essentially the community is able to grow grapes but hasn’t had the wherewithal to make wine. Now they will.

Tesco will help the community with the winemaking and shoppers will vote on the blend, the name, and the label design. Then Tesco will sell the wine. One winner of the branding contest gets to go to South Africa to visit the community, etc. etc.

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In closing, I look forward to seeing the community get a little bit of help and to drinking a fine bottle of Justin Bieber’s Monkey Kim Jong-Il Rocks pork-infused chardonnay. It will have an excellent bouquet, I’m told.