Softflask: Soft, Plasticky Genius

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softflask2.jpgIn 150 years, our time won’t be remembered as the time of converting to green and renewable resources. It won’t be remembered as the time when the Internet first became totally ubiquitous and pervasive. It won’t be remembered as the time we let slutty, bratty heiresses out of jail for breaking the same laws that landed others behind bars. No, reader, our time will be remembered as the time when you could sneak booze into anything you wanted to.

This is the Softflask. A plastic pouch — essentially a large toothpaste tube — that you fill with your favorite hooch and stash anywhere you can. Because it’s soft and flexible, you can hide this flask in places that normal flasks would cause unsightly bulges. Like inside your pants.

This kind of innovation is what defines a generation, and I want to be the first to say that I’m a proud member of that generation.

Softflask – sneak your drinks anywhere [Slashgear]

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