Raises $3.1 million In Series B Funding

If you ask me you don’t mess around with people like that you get out of the room and then you get into the car and go home you don’t call nobody you know or whatever, right? So I’m talking with Suffolk Equity Partners, some people out of Cambridge, and they got some investments, right and they invest in and it’s a site for liquor and news about liquor and recipes and whatever, you know?

Right. Dot com. What else, right? Everybody’s a genius.

And I said I said no, it’s not going to be just liquor, right? Because these kids can’t drink liquor anymore because they want craft beers and wines and stuff and they says liquor dot com, l-i-q-u-o-r, right? Is a great domain name or whatever and was expensive so it’s mixology is what they call it now so it’s a whole site dedicated to liquor. Right. Crazy.

So they raise $3.1 million from these Suffolk guys and some other guys out of Cambridge, too, called Typha, and some folks who are got “influential roles in the beverage alcohol industry,” you hear me? It goes all the way to the top. So they got all this money and now they gotta do something with it, right? They got a James Beard award, which is some fancy thing, and they go some money in the bank but they got to expand, see? Right?

And this is series B so the money is going to platform “expansion” and ” extending audience reach online across social media and mobile platforms” like them Facebooks or whatever. What’re you drinking? Manhattan? Make it two, please. Yeah, Maker’s Mark or whatever is closest. And some of those nuts over there. Thanks.

So they got 1.3 million visitors a month, which isn’t shabby for a booze vertical, and I guess they’re going to use the money to get more drunker and see what happens, right? Boombedoom, right? Drinky uppy. So that’s the story of liquor dot com. I don’t know why we didn’t think of that junk when we had the chance. I could tell them a little about booze.

Anyway, how’s your Dad. He was fly fishing or whatever. Oh. Yeah, not your Dad, Edith’s Dad. He’s not dead, right?

No, didn’t think so. I’ll get this round. You get next.