General Atlantic leads $50M Series C into Bold to grow digital payments in Colombia

Bold provides low-cost payment terminals, called dataphones, that enable small and medium businesses to accept link payments.

Deal Dive: Elder tech is expanding beyond reactive solutions

Bold creates personalized exercise programs for seniors to reduce injury. It's one of the latest companies expanding the eldertech sector.

Colombia’s Bold raises $55M in Tiger Global-led round to enable digital payments in LatAm

Bold, a technology company working to enable financial access to electronic payments in Colombia, has raised $55 million in a Series B funding round led by Tiger Global Management. General Atlantic an

Postmates laid off all its city managers yesterday

While one on-demand delivery startup expands this week, another is contracting a bit. TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that Postmates has let go of all of its city managers, as it centralizes so

Postmates acqhires Secret CEO David Byttow’s startup Bold

The founder of one of Silicon Valley’s most famous flameouts, anonymous social app Secret, is the new product lead for Postmates’ app. After Secret shut down and gave investors back their

Secret’s founder returns with Bold, a Medium for enterprise

David Byttow learned just how much goes unsaid inside companies while he was running Secret. Blasting private information out publicly causes harassment, which led Secret to flame out and give investo

BlackBerry’s Device Plans Include Global Z3 Rollout, Return Of The Bold And Q20 In Q1

BlackBerry CEO John Chen discussed his company’s hardware plans for the coming year during the investor call following a disappointing, but not disastrous quarterly report card today. They didn&

Back-To-School: How To Become A Google Intern

What does it mean to be bold? To be better than you were the day before? Google’s <a target="_blank" href="">BOLD Int

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Caught On Film Ahead Of Dubai Debut? (Update: Nope)

RIM may be pinning their hopes on BBX, but that doesn't mean they're done churning out classic BlackBerrys. Case in point: the revamped Bold 9790 has been revealed in a new set of photos that doesn't

Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Curve 3G To Get BlackBerry OS 6 Tonight

<img src="" /> Hey, you! Owner of a BlackBerry Bold 9650 or Curve 3G on Verizon! Are you ready to join an exclusive group of energeti

Farewell, T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900; it was nice knowing you

It seems like only yesterday that T-Mobile BlackBerry users were being treated to the Curve 8900 when they were feeling Bold 9000 envy. But alas, the glory would be short lived as it has reached the e

Review: BlackBerry Bold 9700

The Short Version: I’ve always preferred functionality over looks in my gear. But the Bold 9700 puts a sleek outer cover on a powerful processor. T-Mobile’s first 3G BlackBerry is manufact

BlackBerry Bold 9700 launching on domestic and European GSM carriers in November

<img src="">The BlackBerry Bold 9700 has finally been announced. Details have been leaking in about the "<a href="http://www.crunch

BlackBerry Bold 9700 launching on domestic and European GSM carriers in November

<img src="" />The BlackBerry Bold 9700 has finally been announced. Details have been leaking in about the "<a href="http://www.crun

Leaked screenshots of Visual Voicemail for the BlackBerry Bold

Whispers of Visual Voicemail coming to the BlackBerry Bold have been lingering for a few weeks now, and now things are about as concrete as they come. Doin’ what they do with their ninja leak sq

BlacBerry 8900, which is a lot like the Bold, debuts in Germany

Zee Germans get the first crack at the BlackBerry 8900, to which RIM has added the Curve moniker. It’s very similar to the BlackBerry Bold, but only has EDGE (instead of 3G). That, and its camer

BlackBerry Bold for sale and shipping from AT&T's website

The BlackBerry Bold has been a long time in the making but AT&T finally has the so-called “unequivocally the best piece of hardware that RIM has ever put out” up for sale at ATT dot Co

Officially official: BlackBerry Bold on November 4

AT&T just told us that the BlackBerry Bold will be released on November 4 for $299. That’s the same price as the 16GB iPhone 3G, natch. That’s the official date. No rumors, no “sourc

Latest BlackBerry Bold launch date: October 27, 2008

If BGR is right, and he generally is concerning RIM activities, AT&T will be launching the BlackBerry Bold on October 27, 2008. No word on why exactly the launch was pushed back from the last da

Eventually, RIM to launch Bold-like device with touchscreen

The blurry photo gods have smiled upon us this morning. Or, more accurately, their Photoshop-using cousins have smiled. I don’t know, someone’s happy Up There. Word on the street is that R
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