• Yamaha Doubles Number Of Charging Cycles Of Batteries Used In E-Bikes

    Yamaha Motors announced [JP] they have made a small step in improving one of the weak points in e-bikes today: the batteries. The company’s newly developed 25.2V/8.1Ah lithium-ion battery doubles the number of discharge/charge cycles of the electric bicycles and has just been added to the Yamaha PAS series. Read More

  • Flea 2.0 USB Rechargeable Bike Light Powers Your Night With The Light Of Day

    Tired of attempting to stay green by peddleing to work or class only to know in the back of your mind that those bike lights are run by disposable batteries? Well no longer will feel guilty for such matters. Check out the Flea 2.0 USB rechargeable bike light. Read More

  • Panasonic Announces E-Bike Specifically Designed For High-School Students

    While e-bikes are struggling on their way to enter the mainstream in other places of the world, makers in Japan are already starting to segment the market. Panasonic today announced [JP, PDF] the BE-ENSK63 for the local market, an e-bike specifically aimed at “junior high-school students”. Read More

  • Bamboo Bike Kit Lets You Build… Yes, A Bamboo Bike, How Did You Know

    We see bamboo here and there on CrunchGear (the Dodocase, laptops, bikes), but I’m usually suspicious of bamboo-type products, because they usually make specious claims of greenness. This kit seems useful, though, if only because it provides a semi-eco-friendly way to put together a new bike. Interestingly, it does not provide the bike parts or the bamboo. Hey, what the… Read More

  • Hungarian "Stringbike" Reinvents The Wheel

    Technically, it’s reinventing the wheel-shaped gear system found on most bikes. But I can never resist a ready-made headline. This weirdo bike uses a pair of pulleys instead of the chain and gears us normal people use. Hungarians are too good for gears, is that it? Actually, there are several serious advantages to this setup. I’m no bicyclologist, so you’ll have to evaluate… Read More

  • I Want A Complete Set Of These Excellent Puma Cargo Bikes

    These stylish Puma Mopion bikes, designed by Biomega, are focused on on carrying capacity and lightness. The frames are aluminum and as you can see, differ from traditional and hardtail designs. Personally I like to keep my stuff in a rolltop like the Soyuz or Vandal, but to be honest, when I need to pick up a few things from the store, I’d rather pop ’em in a basket than put them… Read More

  • PAS Brace-L: Yamaha's cool, men-only electric bike

    We’ve covered plenty of electric bicycles from Japan in the past, but there’s a significant problem with most of them: usually they’re really ugly, for example this one or this model from Toshiba. But just today, Yamaha has announced [JP] the PAS Brace-L, a nice-looking electric bike that’s specifically towards the young and male part of the population. Read More

  • Good idea: spot for briefcase on a bike. Bad idea: bike costs $1300

    That’s a nice looking bike. A bit of suspension on the front… nice commuter frame… I’d pay $500. What’s that, it costs more than twice that? I assume there are gold nuggets inside the frame. No? Indeed. Then I’ll bid you good day, sir. Read More

  • Concept bike from Peugeot looks amazing, but is it practical?

    The bicycle, my friends, has gone through many refinements, but not as many serious changes. Look at an average bike now, and you’ll find it’s much the same as a bike from 50 years ago. More reliable, more efficient, and much lighter to be sure, but it’s built with the same archetype in mind. Not so much with this crazy thing from Peugeot. Read More

  • YikeBike: A small, folding, electric bicycle

    Yikes! Bikes! Fruit Stripe Gum! This is the YikeBike. It looks like a unicycle with a second, stabilizing wheel. If only there were a word to describe a unicycle with two wheels. Bi-something. Bi-cycle! Read More

  • Bicycle-mounted mobile phone chargers actually improve Kenyan lives

    Two dollars is a princely sum in Kenya. But that’s what people there have to pay to charge their mobile phone at a charging station—sometimes just an old car battery on the side of the road. So, in yet another example of technology actually improving people’s lives (rather than just giving hipsters an opportunity to bump into other hipsters), two students have developed a… Read More