PAS Brace-L: Yamaha's cool, men-only electric bike

We’ve covered plenty of electric bicycles from Japan in the past, but there’s a significant problem with most of them: usually they’re really ugly, for example this one or this model from Toshiba. But just today, Yamaha has announced [JP] the PAS Brace-L, a nice-looking electric bike that’s specifically towards the young and male part of the population.

Yamaha says it especially targets men who’d buy an electric bike for fun (but never did because of the design of most of the models out there) or need a cool, practical vehicle to commute to work. The bike is powered by an 8.1Ah/25.2V lithium-ion battery, features an assisted travel range of 47km in standard mode (37km in power mode), with the battery taking four hours for a full charge.

The PAS Brace-L will go on sale in Japan on July 15 and will cost $1,630.