Porsche’s Sport And Rennsport Bikes, For The Car-Loving Cyclist

We’ve already seen bikes from both Audi and McLaren in the last year, so I suppose it’s no surprise to see competition from Porsche. The German sport car giant has actually had a bike for quite a while now, but I believe the new Sport and Rennsport are their first attempts at road-going bikes rather than the mountain variety.

These “Driver’s Selection” bikes are of the refined and sexy type, taking more after Audi’s wood-framed models than McLaren’s highly-tuned racing bikes. The aluminum Sport or S has an 11-gear belt drive and weighs 12kg (~26 lbs), which is light but… not that light. The Rennsport (RS) is much lighter at 9kg, due no doubt to its carbon frame and forks. It’s got a 20-gear Shimano derailleur with a traditional chain, and comes with clip-in pedals. Both have Magura ceramic disc brakes.

Nice bikes to be sure, but let’s talk turkey. What’s the damage on these things? The Sport costs a massive €3300 (~$4750) and will be available in September. The Rennsport… well. Got a spare €5900? That’s $8500 of your puny American dollars. What, you thought Porsche was going downmarket?

I’ll tell you, though, if someone put ten grand in my pocket and a gun to my head and told me to buy one of these luxury bikes, I’d probably go with that McLaren. I’d be too afraid to ride it in the city, but I think I’d prefer it over these status symbols, though I have no doubt they’d be nice rides as well.

[via Born Rich]