Carbo brings its light and peppy electric bike to the US

The Carbo is a new electric bike that weighs a mere 27 pounds and can pep up your morning commute. Created by the Montreal-based team that successfully shipped the Veco, this crowdfunded electric bike can collapse for travel and can go 40 miles with pedal assist and 28 miles on full automatic.

Early birds can get the single-gear bike for $1,199 or upgrade to a seven-gear bike for $100 more. The team has already hit their $50,000 goal and will ship in April 2019.

I saw an early version of the Carbo and was impressed. Although it looked thin and flimsy — the entire frame looks like you can bend it on a bad curb — it was very resilient and withstood my urban abuse. There are multiple modes, including Sport, which takes you almost immediately up to about 20 miles an hour with pedal assist, a great feeling. The battery is hidden inside the seat post and can be swapped out.

The bike seems like a good last-mile solution. Because you can collapse it almost completely, it works as a portable mode of transport similar to a scooter, but far more effective. As a fan of electric bikes, this thing really hits the sweet spot between price, portability and power.

While the price is a little high, it’s on par with other pedal-assist bikes and it should be considered legal in the United States when it ships because it does not have a full throttle system. Ultimately, however, this thing is about convenience and portability versus true power, so it’s worth looking into if you want a boost to work or school.