• Pronoun, an ebook service for writers, shuts down

    Pronoun, an ebook service for writers, shuts down

    Pronoun, a self-publishing service for authors, is shutting down after promising free ebook distribution for authors. The company, which raised millions in funding and ended up being sold to Macmillan announced the shutdown in an email to authors and on its website. Two years ago Pronoun set out to create a one-of-a-kind publishing tool that truly put authors first. We believed that the power… Read More

  • Crunch Report | Snap Trips and Falls on Wall Street

    Snap has a pretty rough day with its first earnings report, Didi Chuxing gets a big $5 billion investment from SoftBank and the author of “Cracking the Coding Interview” comes into the studio to challege John Mannes at Connect 4. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • The Art of the Pitch

    The Art of the Pitch

    Vitaly M. Golomb leads global investments at HP Tech Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Silicon Valley’s original startup and is the author of Accelerated Startup, a book about ramping up your business. Below is a fascinating excerpt from the book about Golomb’s favorite thing: pitching. If you’ve ever seen me speak at an event, you have probably noticed that I get… Read More

  • Google Photos Introduces “Rediscover This Day” To Help You Reminisce

    Google Photos Introduces “Rediscover This Day” To Help You Reminisce

    Google Photos wants to be home to all of your photos (and videos). Whether you have a thumb drive, CD, DVD or undeveloped film laying around, the team wants you to consider uploading them to the service. Why? Because that’s when they can make the “magic” happen. Right now, Google Photos will wade through all of your treasured visuals and turn them into animations and stories… Read More

  • Writers Are Going Cuckoo For KU

    Writers Are Going Cuckoo For KU

    If you haven’t been following the Indie writing market I don’t blame you. It’s pretty crazy right now. After Amazon decided to tweak the royalties payouts to reflect how much readers actually read the books they downloaded as part of the Kindle Unlimited service writers have gone into an absolute tizzy over what’s fair and not fair and what it means to get paid for… Read More

  • An Interview With Nathaniel Popper, Author Of Digital Gold

    Digital Gold Traces Bitcoin's Hazy History

    If you’ve been reading the site lately you’ll notice we’ve gone Digital Gold-crazy. First we started with an amazing excerpt outlining the story of Then we posted a review and a podcast and now we present an short interview with the author in our studio in New York. Popper and I go through his theories behind the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, why the couldn’t… Read More

  • With Publishing Tools Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

    With Publishing Tools Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

    Indie authors seem to be living in an age of wonders. They can upload a PDF and sell it instantly on Kindles and tablets. They can print-on-demand like merry little Gutenbergs, slinging their wares from India to Indiana. They can raise an army of fans to crowdfund their latest opus. But all is not rosy in the world of indie publishing. The tools – the things that were supposed to turn us… Read More

  • The Facebook Effect (On Real Estate Prices)

    The Facebook Effect (On Real Estate Prices)

    Four years ago, Facebook announced that they were decamping to Menlo Park from their longstanding home of Palo Alto. Just last month, the company finally cut the ribbons on a beautiful 430,000-square foot building designed by Frank Gehry that is basically one giant, open-air room with an enormous park on top. The effect on the prices of surrounding real estate has been profound. If you… Read More