Angry Birds

Jolla Does Angry Birds Themed Android Launcher To Fling Its Sailfish OS Further

Jolla, the Finnish smartphone startup that expanded the MeeGo open source project into its own Sailfish OS, has released its first Android launcher -- to give users of Google's mobile platform a taste

Mikael Hed Steps Down As CEO Of Wavering Angry Birds Maker Rovio, Pekka Rantala Steps In

A changing of the hoodie at Rovio, the Finalnd-based creator of the catapulting Angry Birds series of casual games that has seen its profit fall by more than half in the last year: its CEO Mikael Hed

Kids Can Now Teach Robots To Play Angry Birds – For Science!

In what must be the cutest example of human-robot interaction I've seen in recent months, researchers at Georgia Tech are helping kids teach robots how to play Angry Birds and, in the process, help th

Rovio Looks To Tap The Power Of The AllSpark With Angry Birds Transformers

Finnish casual game maker Rovio is back at it with a new title in its Angry Birds series, this one a branded partnership like the Star Wars version released previously. The new game pairs Blockbuster

Angry Birds Epic Is Final Fantasy With Swine And Fowl, Hits Australia And Canada This Week

The next Angry Birds game features Rovio’s now very recognizable birds and pigs, but duking it out via different in-game combat mechanics in a turn-based RPG. Angry Birds Epic makes its debut in

Rovio To Make Angry Birds Smart Covers For Jolla’s Sailfish OS Handset

In a Finnish startup love-in, Angry Birds maker Rovio and Sailfish OS smartphone maker Jolla are partnering for co-branded content on Jolla's first handset. Jolla is also working on an Android launche

Rovio Denies Providing Angry Birds User Data To The NSA, Points Finger At Third-Party Ad Networks

A new report originating from the ongoing Snowden document trove presents the terrifying possibility that our casual gaming habits offer government surveillance agencies a look at some key personal da

Somewhere Between Coke And Nintendo, Rovio Wants To Be A Super Brand

Being a successful gaming company is hard. Not only is the competitive landscape vastly overcrowded, but the winds of change pull people from one gaming hit to another faster than you can water your F

Rovio Now Lets Users Worldwide Sync Angry Birds, The Croods Gameplay Across Devices

What makes Candy Crush so addictive? A combination of perfected game mechanics, built-in social media virality, and the maddening timer that tells you can't play right now - which somehow makes you cr

Rovio To Launch “Angry Birds Star Wars” Sequel (Or Prequel?) On Monday

Rovio this morning <a target="_blank" href="">teased</a> the launch of its next gaming title due to arrive on Monday - a game that appear

Angry Birds Maker Rovio Will Now Publish And Market Select Third-Party Games

Rovio Entertainment, maker of the popular line of “Angry Birds” games, announced today that its expanding its business to include third-party titles, which it will publish, distribute and

Angry Birds Maker Rovio Says 2012 Sales Up 101% To $195M With Merchandising, IP 45% Of That; Net Profit $71M

<a target="_blank" href="">Rovio</a>, creator of the blockbuster Angry Birds series of mobile games, today <a target="_blank" href="

Rovio Taps Brightcove To Stream Toons Into All Its Angry Birds Apps

If you’re a big Angry Birds fan, you’ve probably noticed that there’s no longer just games available in the franchise apps. Rovio, the studio behind the most popular iOS app of all time, is now

Rovio Opens Angry Birds Space Encounter Exhibit After Announcing Global Theme Park Plans

<a target="_blank" href="">Rovio</a> is yet again breaking into new businesses with the introduction of the first Angry Birds interactive attractio

Rovio’s “Angry Birds Toons” To Be Bundled In Company’s Mobile Games, Will Arrive March 17

Following <a href="">the announcement in February</a> that Rovio would be in

Rovio Pulls Down Paywall For Original Angry Birds On iPhone, iPad To Reignite Downloads On Legacy Games As App Of The Week

Angry Birds may be one of the most popular apps of all time, but it's also not exactly a spring chicken, and so, to boost its downloads, publisher Rovio is now making the original iOS versions for <a

“Angry Birds Toons”, Rovio’s New Cartoon Series, Is Coming To A Browser Near You March 16

They're cute. They're bouncy. And they're angry. Introducing "Angry Birds Toons". Seriously. Rovio has <a href="

The Gestures Required To Beat Every Level Of Angry Birds, Visualized In Paper And Ink

When you play Angry Birds, at this point it's likely a completely unconscious, natural gesture; draw back, aim and release. But what if each time you did that, you produced an indelible mark, so that

Latest Rovio Angry Birds Star Wars Trailers Show Playable R2-D2 and C-3PO “Birds”

Facepalm. Rovio just released a new gameplay trailer of the upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars mashup. As shown in the first trailer, the playable characters each feature unique abilities. R2-D2 has a

Nokia And Windows Phone Get An Avian App Exclusive With Angry Birds Roost

The Nokia Lumia line of Windows Phone devices have reason to crow today, thanks to a new exclusive release featuring Rovio's wildly popular Angry Birds. The app, called Angry Birds Roost, was announce
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