2023 startup trends

The most valuable startups are getting closer to profitability, but at a cost

At some point we have to acknowledge that the worst is behind us, and any remaining malaise is potentially psychosomatic.

Will we see any IPOs happening this year at all?

If market conditions continue to improve, it’s only a matter of time until we see a new crop of IPOs. But that might not happen as soon as you’d expect.

5 founders discuss why SAFEs are better for early-stage and bridge rounds

Fundraising is hard, so it’s no wonder that SAFE (simple agreement for future equity) rounds are popular. Conceived by Y Combinator as an alternative to convertible notes, SAFEs have long been consi

European insurtech is showing strength that venture data doesn’t fully detail

If you only tracked American insurtech companies that went public recently, you might think insurtech is in its flop era. Thankfully, that's not true.

15 investors lift the lid on the biggest surprises of H1 2023

Here's what these 15 investors would have done differently in 2023 if they had a crystal ball to divine the future.

7 investors reveal what’s hot in fintech in Q1 2023

It appears that even though VCs are proceeding more cautiously than before and taking their time with due diligence, they are still investing.

A VC’s perspective on deep tech fundraising in Q1 2023

As realizing big exits becomes difficult, deep tech startups transforming entire industries offer some of the only paths to "10x exits."

TechCrunch+ roundup: 2023 unicorn slump, global VC slowdown, email marketing 101

The hunt is already on for another mythical animal that best represents startup attainment in a down market, like "ARRmadillo."

Losing the horn: VCs think majority of unicorns aren’t worth $1 billion anymore

The majority of unicorns are valued at less than $2 billion, which makes it likely that most won't keep that status after their next raise.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Space tech predictions, startup IP strategy, finding feasible funding

Do you have IP counsel? Does your app have a UX protection strategy? Have you ever conducted an audit?

7 space tech predictions for 2023

Developments in the defense, cybersecurity and climate sectors will prove to be strong tailwinds for revenues in spacetech in 2023.

Predictions for the longevity industry in 2023

This year will shift the conversation from "life span" to "health span" — how we live healthier for longer.

6 crypto investors talk about DeFi and the road ahead for adoption in 2023

The crypto VC industry has become more selective due to the market downturn and wavering trust, but major firms are still investing in the space.

TechCrunch+ roundup: New success metrics, M&A timeline, 5 cloud trends for 2023

Every founder I’ve ever worked with was absolutely, completely convinced that they could build and scale a company.

2023 will bring crisper methods for evaluating startup success

If 2022 was a year of paradigm-shifting dynamics, 2023 will be a year when we'll determine the winners and the losers.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Dry powder’s slow fuse, landing page basics, generative AI hype

A definitive founder's guide would have to include chapters like "So you've hired the wrong person" or "Five ways to tell if an investor is lying to you."

How global unrest will impact innovation in 2023

In some ways, the prevalent negative market forces might actually serve as an accelerant for creativity.

Investors say web3 and hype are in for 2023, high valuations are out — maybe?

It's unlikely that many investors came close to predicting what would play out in 2022. But, hey, there's always next year.

Six 🔥 climate tech trends to watch for in 2023

With more investors looking to dip their toes in climate tech, here’s where they’re likely to put their money to work next year.