• Rogers confirms inexplicable 8GB iPhone 3GS – UPDATE

    Rogers Canada has let the proverbial ninja out of the dojo by posting a “comparison chat” of multiple iPhone models, including the elusive 8GB 3GS. Why are they selling the 8GB? Who knows. Maybe it’s a little bit cheaper and maybe Apple just had extra 8GB chips. Or maybe Canadians, being socialists, don’t like digital media. UPDATE – This was a website mistake. Read More

  • Hidden setting enables flashy transitions on the N97

    We drooled over the N97 for months before release. The hardware looked pocket-perfect, the keyboard oh-so-friendly with our thumbs. But when it finally launched, it.. well, it wasn’t our favorite phone ever, to put it kindly. Of all the flaws, the most glaring was the OS; it just seemed muddled and ancient, and weighed down the phone. The guys over at The Symbian Blog have figured out a… Read More

  • Is Google getting its ideas from the Ukraine? Maybe

    Google recently introduced a new feature which created a lot of buzz – Anti Phishing Keys or email sender verification. However, it works only in Gmail. But are they gleaning ideas from a few startups out there? SenderOK– a Ukrainian startup – has been offering this feature for over 6 months as its standard function. Moreover, it works not only in Gmail, but also in other… Read More

  • UAV Control: There's an app for that

    Why shouldn’t the iPhone be able to control a unmaned military reconnaissance aircraft? If you think about it, the iPhone is little more (ok, a lot more) than a souped-up Wii controller and we already know those little devices can control robots and such. And so MIT professor and former F/A-18 Hornet pilot, Missy Cummings, set out to replace the suitcase-sized controller currently need… Read More

  • Tour to China aims at UK & Irish startups

    TechCrunch Europe is a media partner with the ChinaContact UK/Ireland Tech Tour to China as we think it could well be of benefit to UK and Irish startups to make more contacts there. From their blog: The plan is to get a group of 15-20 people travelling to Beijing, Tianjin, Xian, Hangzhou and Shanghai in late October. The group will get to meet innovators and leaders in China’s tech… Read More

  • Future Search: Hang on, what am I looking for again?

    This is a guest post by Jasper Westaway of OneDrum. Throughout the summer we’re running guest posts we like – exclusive to TC Europe – written by people on the tech scene in Europe. If you’d like to contribute get in touch. More info here. I can’t find my phone. What are my options for locating it? 1. Look for it
    2. Ask others if they’ve seen it
    3. Phone… Read More

  • Videos: Geek invents rubber band machine gun

    This is silly and cool at the same time: A geek developed a machine gun that doesn’t fire off bullets but rubber bands. The fully functional gun is able to shoot a total of 200 rubber bands in rapid succession. The geek hails from Japan, which is no wonder as this is probably the only country with an official Rubber Band Gun Shooting Association [JP]. Read More

  • Who Needs Spy Satellites? Google Earth Pinpoints Where Missile Targeted Taliban

    The leader of Pakistan’s Taliban, Baitullah Mehsud, may or may not be dead after a CIA missile hits his father-in-law’s home in the remote “Zangarha area” of the country. But now we can see exactly where that missile hit, and we don’t even need access to a spy satellite. Thanks to Google Earth, we get the image above. Stefan Geens pinpointed the location on his… Read More

  • Motorola Morrison spec'd out

    Like Palm before the Pre, Motorola is on its last leg and the adoption of Google’s Android OS could make or break the handset division of the company. We’ve seen numerous images and industrial sketches of the forthcoming Morrison, but hardware specs have been absent until now. Android and Me has been tipped off on the purported specs for the QWERTY slider. Moto has gone with a… Read More

  • Get angry: AT&T changes contract to prevent class action lawsuits UPDATE FROM AT&T

    When was the last time you read your AT&T contract? If you answered “never,” then may I suggest you take two minutes to look this over. That’s right, unbeknownst to you, you just lost the ability to enter into a class action lawsuit against the mobile phone carrier. High five! Read More

  • It's official: Toshiba finally went Blu-ray today

    They’ve announced it back in June and executed the plan today: Toshiba is now officially a Blu-ray supporter. The company issued a short press release (in English) today, stating Toshiba has applied for membership of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA). The BDA is a voluntary membership group aimed at fostering the development of the Blu-ray format on a global scale. Read More

  • Despite All The Angst Around Its Demise, Tr.im Will Hardly Be Missed

    For all the angst around the demise of Tr.im, the fact is that there are way too many URL shortening services in the world and inevitably more will fall by the wayside. There simply is no need for more than a dozen services to make long URLs shorter (and that doesn’t even count services such as Su.pr or the Diggbar which incorporate a URL shortener as a feature). Already, the market… Read More

  • Who's bad? Claim Says Michael Jackson "Bought" Twitter Followers

    According to controversial “paid follower” service uSocial.net, Michael Jackson (or, more likely, his people) attempted to buy 25,000 followers for his Twitter account before he died. “I can’t admit that we dealt with Michael Jackson directly, though we were in touch with someone in his family recently who tasked us with conducting a Twitter campaign on an account… Read More

  • New case protects your iPhone from scratches, water and sand

    A Japanese company called Sanwa is selling a waterproof case [JP] (or a bag as they call it) that protects your iPhone from nasty stuff like scratches, water and sand. Sanwa says their 200-PDA016 is ideal for all users who can’t go hiking, to the beach or skiing without their iPhone. The case looks pretty robust, but the company promises that users will be able to do everything with… Read More

  • Buildabrand Offers Full Blown Branding For Price Of A Domain

    Every now and again, you come across a service that promises to disrupt and change the entrepreneurial landscape. Buildabrand could possibly do just that. The service provides high quality “strategically correct” branding for startups for about the same price as domain registration, effectively bypassing what is a traditionally expensive and time-consuming process with… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Ice Cream Mishap Edition

    Retro Review: River City Ransom (Wii Virtual Console)
    Zelda-fy your baby with this handmade Link outfit
    USB hub looks like an old cassette tape Read More

  • Bloglines On Life Support. This Story Needs An Ending

    If you were a Bloglines user, consider yourself old school. Most people moved on to Google Reader long ago, and then bailed on RSS entirely for the Real Time Gang (Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, etc.). The once-great feed reader, bought by IAC in February 2005 for around $10 million, has been on life support for a couple of years now. A two year old beta site with new features remains in beta… Read More

  • Digg Is On A Roll

    Digg’s been busy lately adding new features—some loved, some not—but they seem to be having a positive effect on overall. In June, comScore estimates the site brought in 8.8 million unique visitors in the U.S alone, up 31 percent over the preceding three months. Update: The July numbers just came out, and Digg’s unique U.S. visitors went up to 9.5 million. What… Read More

  • Microsoft Unloads Razorfish To The French For $530 Million

    More than two years after buying advertising network aQuantive for $6 billion, Microsoft finally unloaded the digital advertising agency that came with that deal. It sold Razorfish to French advertising conglomerate Publicis Groupe for $530 million in a combination stock-and-cash transaction. The price was 1.4 times Razorfish’s 2008 sales of $380 million. Microsoft has been… Read More

  • Video: Another Zune HD UI video

    Ooh la la. Damn, I need to load Windows onto my Mac. Read More

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