• Top 10 Most "Popular" U.S. mobile phones in Dec. 2008

    Disclaimer: The following information is based on “popularity,” as in not cold hard sales stats since that info is not made available by either mobile carriers or manufacturers (and therefore, the rankings below are subjective). The ranking information (below) is provided by AvianResearch L.L.C. and is culled from its Monthly Retail Store Survey where it surveys 100 service reps… Read More

  • Sony Japan extends Walkman line-up

    Sony Japan today announced the NW-S738FK and the NW-S736FK, two new portable media players that are part of the Sony Walkman series. Both devices feature a 2-inch TFT display and come with mini speakers and noise-canceling earphones. There is no word yet on a release outside Japan. Read More

  • Authors Guild, Roy Blount Jr. still fighting against robo-speech

    Infingement. That’s what Blount called Amazon’s text-to-speech feature. Roy Blount, Jr., president of the Authors Guild, wrote an op-ed in the NYT today about the Kindle 2’s text-to-speech feature. Heavens to Betsy – we’re still talking about this? I’m a writer. I’m writing a book. I want lots of sales and money. But I understand that technology is… Read More

  • Ballmer: Windows Mobile 7 in 2010

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed on a conference call yesterday that Window Mobile 7 indeed won’t be here until next year. Although Ballmer didn’t give an exact date, it’s thought that the OS will be sent to manufacturers in November of this year and will show up in consumer devices by April of next year as previously reported. Read More

  • Oh look, a World of Warcraft Optimus keyboard theme

    What good is that Optimus keyboard without World of Warcraft? None good, I say, which is why it brings me great joy to see this homebrew WoW layout. It was created by one of the blokes at an Optimus Keyboard message board—message boards are the new salons—and is primarily for Warlocks. Read More

  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic finds its way to North America

    It’s been a long time since we saw the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic sneak into 10 seconds of The Dark Knight. At long last, Morgan Freeman isn’t the only North American who can get one. As expected, the North American model (with the proper 3G bands, of course) of Nokia’s first touchscreen has hit US soil. While it’ll likely trickle out to other retailers in the coming… Read More

  • Y Combinator Startup Fliggo Lets You Build Your Own YouTube

    First we had Ning, which lets you build your own niche social network. Now we have Fliggo, which lets you build your own YouTube. Fliggo is the latest startup to come out of Y Combinator. It has been in private beta for a while, but is now open to the public. Fliggo lets you create your own video-sharing site. It hosts and streams the videos, and provides “grandma-friendly”… Read More

  • The 16943 concept TV swings both ways

    Here’s an idea: Create a television that maximizes both 16:9 and 4:3 viewing area. Too bad it would confuse the hell out of old folks. Read More

  • 10 reasons to buy a Kindle 2… and 10 reasons not to

    Having used both Kindles 1 and 2, I thought it would helpful to list where the new Kindle excels and where it falters. The dead tree book will never die – I think it will even have more longevity and popularity than the boutique appreciation of vinyl records – but our generation will be the last to use “books” as our primary reading systems. Expect ebooks to hit colleges… Read More

  • Video: Our very own Peter Ha on Attack of the Show

    In case you missed Peter’s guest spot on Attack of the Show last night, we have it for you after the break so you can peep an Asian in flannel. Read More

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