Welcome To Bag Week 2014

It has been a tradition at TechCrunch to dedicate an entire week (or, in this case, a truncated week) to bags. Big bags. Small bags. Little bags. Tall bags. All bags, (almost) all the time. With that in mind, we present to you Bag Week 2014, our annual celebration of things that hold things.

We understand that you, as a tech professional, love to put your computers into things. Therefore we’ll be exploring some of the latest from a number of companies including Chrome, Herschel, and Venque. We’ll be looking at laptop bags, travel bags, and backpacks and we’ll judge them based on durability, fashionability, and stain/beer resistance. We realize these are just bags but if you’re faced with a motley collection of potential bags an are unsure what to buy, where else would you go but to the TC Bag Week team? Verily nowhere else.

Manufacturers: there is still time to take part. Contact me at john@beta.techcrunch.com with your recommendations and we’ll set our team in motion.

Enjoy bags. Enjoy a Week o’ Bags. This is Bag Week.