• CrunchDeals: Color laser printer for $130

    Printers are boring! OfficeMax has a color laser printer for $130, though, which is NOT boring since color laser printers normally go for a bajillion dollars. Read More

  • VholdR launches the first wearable HD camera, the ContourHD

    Thanks to VholdR you can now record your daredevil shenanigans in HD (720p). Like the original VholdR, the ContourHD can be strapped to your helmet or goggles (weighs only 4 ounces) and the water resistant anodized aluminum body ensure it can take a tumble or two. You can record up to eight hours of HD footage at 30fps onto a 16GB microSD card or 16 hours of SD footage at 60fps. Read More

  • EA lines up two NFL players for Madden Curse

    Whoa, hey there, looks like not one, but two NFL players are next in line for the dreaded Madden Curse. EA Sports has revealed that both Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald will appear on the cover of Madden NFL 10, which ships on August 14th this year. Read More

  • DIY: Star Trek iPhone Mod

    Step one: Locate an old Star Trek pin of appropriate size. Read More

  • Konami pulls the plug on Iraq War video game

    After heaps of protest, Konami will no longer publish Atomic Games’ Six Days in Fallujah, citing “reaction to the video game in the United State.” Now, Atomic Games could try to find another publisher, but that’s easier said than done. Obviously. Read More

  • Samsung i7500 gets covered in fingerprints, photographed

    Sure, it was official this morning. But now it’s real. It looks like someone had a Samsung i7500 tucked away in their pocket, patiently waiting until just after this mornings announcement to share it with the world. Outside of the fact that it’s by no means fingerprint-proof, there’s not much to be gleaned from these shots (obtained by Mobile-Review) that wasn’t… Read More

  • Videos: The future as seen by Microsoft

    Ladies and germs, behold the wonders of what’s to come. Someday we will live in a world that is filled with Microsoft Surface-like devices and everything will blend seamlessly together. Our notebooks will become manufacturing facilities and scanners. Shopkeeper’ countertops will be large touchscreens and our desks will be virtual desks. The future, according to Microsoft, will be… Read More

  • Review: Seagate Replica PC backup

    Step 1. Plug in Replica (Multi-PC 500GB or Single PC 250GB).
    Step 2. Click yes to all the licensing stuff and terms of service BS.
    Step 3. Walk away. Read More

  • Google's Schmidt and Microsoft's Mundie Appointed As Obama Tech Advisors

    Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, and Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer, have been named to President’s Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST). According to a statement released by the White House, PCAST is an advisory group of the the country’s foremost scientists and engineers who will help the President and Vice… Read More

  • HTC Magic con Google now available from Vodafone Spain

    That’s right, folks. Earlier today, Vodafone Spain officially launched the highly anticipated HTC Magic (con Google, for you Español speaking readers). While it may not be got for free (read: 139€ for the phone on the cheapest plan w/ mandatory 18 month contract) like its UK sibling (expected to launch in early May), the real point is that it is here, now (in Spain at… Read More

  • Belkin's CushDesk prevents lap fires

    Straight outta Compton (yes, Belkin is located in Compton — interesting factoid for your next dinner party) comes Belkin’s $30 CushDesk. It’s a hard-top work surface with a padded underside that sits on your lap, allowing you to work on a notebook up to 17 inches in size without scalding your nether regions. Read More

  • G.E.'s microholographic storage promises dancing dolphins and prancing unicorns

    Just as the technology world is on the verge of bucking physical media for digital storage, G.E. might have extended its life with a laboratory breakthrough. A G.E. lab has been working since 2003 to find materials and techniques to increase the reflectiveness of the holograms so they are actually readable by optical lasers. The breakthrough involved a 200-fold increase in the reflective power… Read More

  • It's the Pentax K-7, not K7D

    RiceHigh, bless his or her heart, claims to have the scoop on everything, but specs for the upcoming K-7 DSLR. As I mentioned the other RiceHigh, bless his or her heart, claims to have the scoop on everything, but specs for the upcoming K-7 DSLR. As I mentioned the other week, the nomenclature for all Pentax SLRs going forward will be dropping the “D” and simply going with K-x. Read More

  • Jeopardy! supercomputer being developed by IBM will surely kill us all

    It looks like Jeopardy! contestants will be the latest in a long line of humans being replaced by computers if IBM has its way. Big Blue has developed a supercomputer named Watson that’s apparently able to compete on the famous game show with human-like mental quickness as it pertains to answering questions. Read More

  • Facebook Opens Up Its Stream API To Developers. Let The Conversation Wars Begin!

    As we speculated this weekend, Facebook has opened up its activity stream through a new API for developers. Now any developer can create new applications incorporating the real-time stream. One of the first apps to take advantage of this new API is Seesmic Desktop, A Twitter client which is now adding your Facebook feed through this API (something Tweetdeck already did in the past through… Read More

  • Three's Company: Meet Your New MySpace Executive Team

    Less than a week ago MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe still felt secure in his job. Fast forward to today and DeWolfe is out and a new CEO, Owen Van Natta, is starting his first day on the job. And he’s already got two lieutenants, either of which could easily be the CEO: former AOL exec Mike Jones as COO (he has /mike at MySpace and was one of the first 3,000 members) and Jason Hirschhorn is… Read More

  • Refurbished first-gen Kindle for $299

    Looks like Amazon is unloading some first-generation refurbished Kindles at $299, a so-so savings over a new second generation unit at $360. Read More

  • Portfolio Magazine Gets Liquidated. There Goes $100 million.

    Conde Nast is shutting down its glossy business magazine Portfolio, two years after its launch. Conde Nast famously poured $100 million to launch the publication, which went on an expensive hiring spree in 2007 in its attempt to take on Fortune, Forbes, and Business Week. The magazine always seemed to me to have an unhealthy fixation with Wall Street and the hedge fund boom over other… Read More

  • Time Magazine Throws Up Its Hands As It Gets Pwned By 4Chan

    The hackers of 4Chan have succeeded in completely gaming Time Magazine’s online poll for its Time 100 list of the most influential people on the planet. At the top of the list is Christopher Poole, aka Moot, the founder of the 4Chan online forum, whose members used some coding to get his name to the top of the list. Not only did they help moot win the poll, but they also arranged the… Read More

  • Seeqpod Knocked Down, Will It Ever Get Up?

    Seeqpod, the ill-fated startup behind the kick-ass media search technology used by many music streaming and playlist services and social networking applications, appears to have cracked under the weight of litigation. At the end of last month, we broke the news that the Emeryville, CA-based company filed a petition for Chapter 11 with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Northern District of… Read More

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