• Google App Engine Stalled Out For About 6 Hours Today

    A little over two hours ago, a Google employee posted a note in this Google Groups thread indicating that Google App Engine was “seeing elevated Datastore latency and error-rates, as well as elevated serving error-rates.” He noted that the problem began around 6:30 AM Pacific time and that the team was looking into it. A few minutes later he updated that Google App Engine was… Read More

  • The Supertendo Portable SNES

    I would buy this portable SNES. It’s probably one of the cleanest portable retro gaming systems ever made. In fact, it sort of looks like something that Nintendo would have made in the 90’s as a competitor to the Game Gear. Read More

  • iPhone 4.0 could quite possibly not have "life event"-based notifications

    Welcome to the world of the future! In the future your iPhone will be able to tell you where you are and then adapt to those locations, turning things on and off (ringer, etc.), changing wallpaper (from Megan Fox to cute kittens in church), and from earth to space when you go on an intergalactic trip to free the citizens of Mars from the evil Cohaagen. Perhaps you ringtone could change to… Read More

  • Video: Sega Toys' new projector brings fireworks show to your living room

    Sega Toys Japan yesterday unveiled the Uchiagehanabi, a device that brings fireworks indoors. And it’s not only the visuals but also the corresponding sounds (shots, explosions etc.) you get in your very home. The device uses the wall or a ceiling as a backdrop for projecting fireworks patterns. Sega Toys says that some of the images are as wide as 1.5m, and users can even create remixes… Read More

  • And Yet More Proof Of Why AT&T Needs To Keep That iPhone Exclusivity

    An internal AT&T memo that was leaked today is full of very impressive number regarding the iPhone 3GS — numbers that once again show why AT&T’s exclusive contract with Apple to sell the iPhone in the U.S. is so important. The iPhone 3GS’s launch gave AT&T its best sales day at its retail stores — ever, its second largest traffic day at retails stores, the… Read More

  • Sonos CR200 controller coming soon

    Boy oh boy did I love reviewing the Sonos Bundle 150. The Sonos multi-room home audio solution is superb. One wart to the system was the controller: the scrollwheel was a little cumbersome for some actions, not to mention outrageously expensive as a stand-alone component. Looks like a new touch-screen controller is due out soon, though, which should remove one complaint from my review. Or you… Read More

  • comScore: Russians Spend More Time On Social Networks Than The Rest Of World

    comScore has aggregated some data based on its World Metrix audience measurement service and put together a study on social networking worldwide. Surprisingly, it appears that the Russians are more engaged with social networking than the rest of the planet (or the biggest slackers at the office, depends on how you look at it). The study found visitors in Russia to spend 6.6 hours and viewing… Read More

  • Twine Tries To Manage The Stream With New Coverflow-Like Design

    What is the best way to sift through a stream of information? The list view seems to be the most popular because it is information-dense and easy to scan, but it can be overwhelming. More visually appealing ways to manage data are needed. Twine, a site which lets you collect and subscribe to different interest feeds, just introduced a new way to wade through its streams. The new Flash… Read More

  • Video: Heinz Beanzawave in action

    Introduced last month in the UK, the Beanzawave is inching closer to a retail launch or is it? It appears that consumer demand isn’t quite high enough for Heinz to roll out the microwave just yet. I, for one, wouldn’t buy one because it’s too small. What about you? Read More

  • Video Trailer: Mac vs PC 2

    Remember the first Mac vs PC short film? You know, the one where the Mac and PC transformers into little robots and fight? Well, the sequel is coming and just like another film, it looks to be loaded with even more action and a weak storyline. But also like that other movie, we’ll probably watch it anyway. Read More

  • Psystar emerges from bankruptcy ready to sell a Core i7 Mac Pro clone

    And you thought that Apple finally drove the front running clone maker off of a cliff. Nope. Psystar successfully navigated the bankruptcy courts and is back at its old game of annoying Apple. The ongoing lawsuit is still in play, but bankruptcy no doubt allowed the company to shed some debt and reorganize under Chapter 11 guidelines. Now the company is back and just released a new Core i7 clone. Read More

  • Verizon succumbs to the pressure, offers BlackBerry Tour to everyone

    I think the image is pretty self explanatory. VZW via BGR Read More

  • Archos 9 is coming to America

    We first saw the Archos 9 two weeks ago and today we’ve learned that it’s coming to America. With an 8.9-inch touch-screen and a gaggle of other goodies it makes for a perfect Web browsing tablet. No word on price, but the Archos 9 is coming this fall. Read More

  • Italy's Dada acquires Fueps in move into casual games

    Italian internet giant Dada.net has acquired 51% of the assets of online gaming startup Fueps in a deal worth €1.36 Millions. Fueps launched in 2008 and grossed over €600k while total ebitda was €750,000 in the red. Seems more of a rescue than an acquisition to me. Dada decided to take over the 51% stake of the company that belonged to RCS Digital. The other 49% is owned by Digital… Read More

  • A few iPhone patents for you: Karaoke, fancy haptic feedback

    Oh, patents. Companies file you all the time, often coming to nothing, yet you still mystify us for some reason. A few iPhone-related patents have been floating around the Internet this morning; they’re sure to interest you for dozens of seconds. Take this one, which describes a karaoke application. Read More

  • O2 confirmed as Palm Pre carrier in the UK, again

    While it was reported in late May by the Guardian that O2 had all but locked up the Palm Pre, the UK rag is once again claiming that O2 will be the exclusive carrier for the webOS device. Earlier rumors that Palm would announce a carrier next week seem to be holding water according to this report by the Guardian. It seems that you’ll be able to pick up a Pre at your local Carphone… Read More

  • iPhone App Prices Fluctuate As Developers Adjust To OS 3.0; Nav Apps Gain Pricing Power

    Ever since OS. 3.0, the latest operating system for the iPhone, launched on June 17, prices among the top 100 apps in the iTunes App Store have been fluctuating wildly as developers push out apps taking advantage of all the new features in the OS. Some of the new features we are starting to see in apps include push notifications, turn-by-turn navigation, cut-and-paste, embeddable maps, access… Read More

  • Review: ColorSnap for iPhone by Sherwin-Williams

    So I’m going through my twitter stream a while back and I see several links from some former colleagues of mine, pointing to a new iPhone app called ColorSnap, by Sherwin-Williams. So what right? There are a million (ok, fifty thousand) iPhone apps out there—what’s so interesting about this one? Well, two things. One, it was developed by my former employer, Resource… Read More

  • Thanko gives you the Spy Button Camera (plus a golden ring as the remote control)

    Thanko, specialists of all things USB, brought us many good things in the past. Camera-wise, the Tokyo-based company rolled out a water-proof mini camera, a USB necktie with a built-in camera, not one but two video watches and (just recently) an HDV camera. But these fantastic devices had one flaw: They were small, but not small enough. Reason enough for Thanko to announce the video camera… Read More

  • Can Sears Help OpenID Go Mainstream?

    It’s one thing when Internet companies like Facebook adopt OpenID, it’s another when a giant retailer like Sears Holdings Corporation embraces it. Sears has just announced that it will enable over 1 million monthly MySears and MyKmart visitors to use their Google, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or other accounts to log into the community websites, enabling them to write product reviews… Read More

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