• Online content + printing press = customised newspapers FTW

    Following the success of AudioBoo, 4iP has unveiled another investment with the potential to completely change the face of mainstream media – though this time, it’s all about print. Newspaper Club is a tool to help people make their own newspapers using online content. The site’s in private beta, with a public launch planned for late summer. Newspaper Club will let users… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: X-COM Complete for $7.49, take me now lord!

    This has got to be the greatest deal in the history of deals. Today on GamersGate, you’ll be able to get the “X-COM Complete” pack for a trifling $7.49. Yes, for the cost of an appletini you will have: X-COM: UFO Defense X-COM: Terror from the Deep X-COM: Interceptor X-COM: Enforcer …And two newer games which I have not played. Seriously, I believe X-COM: UFO Defense… Read More

  • iPhone SMS vuln could let HAX()RZ run errant code

    Security Researcher Charlie Miller has found an SMS vulnerability that can make the iPhone 3G or 3GS run unsigned code over SMS. No real details, just some vague “agreement with Apple” against describing the exploit, but it seems like a doozy: Read More

  • Dice Reports Murky Waters For Tech Jobs

    After months of dismal unemployment numbers, this morning’s continued growth in the unemployment rate from 9.4% in May to 9.5% for the month of June reinforces the fact that the U.S. is still very much in the midst of recession. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Labor reported today that employers cut 467,000 jobs in June, compared to 322,000 jobs in May. Unfortunately, the tech… Read More

  • Last call for our NZXT gaming gear contest

    We’ve had a good amount of screenshots submitted for our screenshot contest, but you still have time to submit yours before the contest ends tomorrow. It’s easy. Just head over to this post for all the details. [PSGallery=7rcu75is8b] Read More

  • NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter sends back first images

    NASA is gearing up for a trip back to the moon and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is one of the first steps. This satellite will orbit the moon at only 50 km and send back high resolution, 3D images of the lunar surface to map out potential landing sites . And yes, it will be able to get clear photos of the Apollo gear left behind, which will no doubt send conspiracy idiots scrambling for… Read More

  • The Infamous 2009 LimeWire Pizza Fiasco

    July 1, 2009 – the day the music wars started in earnest. Last night the guys from Dovecote Records, a small music label based in New York, were hanging out at their local bar. Employees from file sharing startup LimeWire showed up to have a party. There was confusion over the ownership of some pizza, and a riot almost ensued. From the Dovecote Blog: Woman: “Who the FUCK are you? … Read More

  • Now Al Jazeera integrates Twitter into its shows

    In a sign of the growing importance of micro-blogging in communication, and let’s face it Twitter is the daddy of this, the icon of Middle Eastern TV network Al Jazeera is now integrating Tweets from its viewers into its output. During the popular Minbar Al Jazeera talk show, Twitter users can now send comments and feedback about popular topics. This may sound like old news to those of… Read More

  • Can you name a scientist? Not too many Americans can, it turns out.

    Some hard science-related news for you now. Try this: name a scientist. Go ahead, name one, any one. If you’re like me the first name that pops into your head is Bill Nye or Michio Kaku. And if you’re also like me you can name several others. The average American? Not so much. USA Today ran a little poll a few days ago asking Americans to name a scientist, and a whopping 23 percent… Read More

  • Twitter Makes Hashtags More #Useful

    You may have noticed that Twitter has started hyperlinking hashtags. Those are words preceded by a “#” which denote what the Tweet is about and makes it easier to search for Tweets about specific topics and events. For instance, try searching for #realtimecrunchup. Now that they are hyperlinked, when you click on a hashtag, you are led to the search result page for the… Read More

  • Will Nintendo release two more Wii MotionPlus compatible games this year?

    Grab the saltshaker because Gamememo is claiming that Nintendo will release two more MotionPlus-compatible titles by the end of the year. Other than Wii Sports Resort, Nintendo hasn’t really said too much about first party MotionPlus titles coming out this year. Gamememo hints that Cosmic Walker and Spam Smasher could be the two rumored titles, but who really knows?! Gamememo via… Read More

  • One More Thing: The New Facebook iPhone App Will Allow Video Uploads

    Yesterday, we wrote about what Facebook was planning for the next major release of its iPhone app, version 3.0. The big update will contain 15 new features, probably none bigger than the addition of event management to the app, finally. But there was one thing Facebook developer Joe Hewitt didn’t mention yesterday, and it’s a big one: Video uploads from the iPhone 3GS. Hewitt… Read More

  • Review: Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo

    Label makers are a dime a dozen nowadays, so why would I bother reviewing one? Because the 450 Turbo from Dymo is fast. How fast? Just watch the video. Aside from its blazing speeds, the 450 Turbo is easy to use and setup. The bundled software works on both Windows and Mac machines with a clean and intuitive UI. Replacing the label spool is also an cinch and accommodates all sizes for… Read More

  • Zombie Solid Snake: Makes about as much sense as the franchise

    I stopped playing Metal Gear games when Snake was in the jungle and saw a horse on a bridge and then Revolver Ocelot came and then Big Boss turned out to be Snake’s brother, Mark, who worked in sales at Procter and Gamble but instead of being a key to the Metal Gear defense system he was, in fact, a Son of Liberty who, from the founding the United States, was tasked with protecting… Read More

  • Google Blog Search Takes Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

    Last fall Google launched a revamped version of its Blog Search, converting the site’s frontpage into a automated news portal similar to sites like Techmeme. It has its fair share of issues (for one, it’s subject to the same problems of automated grouping as Google News is), but it was a step in the right direction for the site. That said, it has been missing some key features. … Read More

  • Paparazzi beware! Flash purse stalks the stalkers

    This crazy purse concept is essentially an LED flash built-into a clutch purse. When it senses a flash it will send out a brighter flash to blind the camera – and, presumably, the cameraman – and prevent the picture from coming out. The result? A ghostly halo around the subject but no facial features. Read More

  • The Pirate Bay, well on its way to irrelevance at record speed

    Man alive is The Pirate Bay finished! Business Week has an interview with Hans Pandeya, the CEO of Global Gaming Factory, the company that’s set to buy The Pirate Bay for nearly $8 million (provided it can come up with the money). What’s mainly discussed it what type of business plan does this man have in store for The Pirate Bay. It’s safe to say that The Pirate Bay will be… Read More

  • FriendFeed Makes Its Search Results Real-Time Too

    Ever since its redesign a few months ago, FriendFeed has been one of the standard-bearers of the real-time web. That’s because while a lot of sites claim to be real-time, FriendFeed is one of the few that actually updates continuously as data comes in. Starting today, any search you do will also get that same real-time treatment. Enter any query into FriendFeed’s search box and… Read More

  • NSFW: Totally weird "Robo-Geisha" movie trailer

    First, let me say the movie “Robo-geisha” is for real (see the imdb entry). Second, I rarely use the word “weird” when I blog about Japanese stuff, but the trailer for this film is weird (and thankfully in English). And third, the trailer is NSFW and definitely not suitable for children. Read More

  • This is what happens when you spend time with your kids

    BlackBerrys are generally durable devices. I had a BlackBerry 7130e for almost three years until my son gave it a bath in a cup of ginger ale. This dad’s BlackBerry somehow survived a trip into a hot oven. It needed a new case afterwards, but it still works alright. Couple of weeks ago, like a good dad, I was baking with my 10 year old daughter. I couldn’t find my Blackberry… Read More

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