• Chew Tech: The ‘No Spill Spit Cup’

    If you’re on your way to an important business meeting, wedding, or award ceremony, the last thing you want to worry about is dribbling chew spittle all over your nicely pressed shirt. But those standard spit cups just can’t be trusted! Read More

  • Western Digital sets the bar higher with the 2TB Caviar Green

    There was a time when 1TB drives seemed huge, but then the 1.25TB and 1.50TB dropped. Now, Western Digital resets the standard at 2TBs with the latest in the Caviar Green lineup. The 3.5-inch drive utilizes 500GB/platter technology along with a 32MB cache for a fast and apparently, eco-friendly operation. The best part? Read More

  • Updated: A Year Later, AOL Is Contemplating A Bebo Sale

    I didn’t quite believe it when one of my most trusted sources told me that AOL was seriously considering selling Bebo, the social network it acquired for $850 million only a year ago. But I have now confirmed the rumor with three other sources intimately acquainted with the company. AOL is indeed quietly pondering a sale after watching Bebo perform much worse than it had hoped. That… Read More

  • Panasonic announces the Lumix ZS3, ZS1, TS1, FX580, FX48 and FS25

    You may recall the three Lumix point and shoots that Panasonic announced on the 16th and thought that’d be the end of that. Well, those were just a warm up and today Panasonic revealed the rest of their 2009 lineup. A handful of these cameras are wide-angle and record HD video in a new format called AVCHD Lite. Hit the jump for details on this new format. Read More

  • Facebook Users Are Becoming Big Fans of Masturbation, And Other Page Stats

    If you want to track the most popular fan pages on Facebook, AllFacebook pushed out a new Facebook Pages Tracker last night that keeps stats on 611,213 fan pages on the social network. Only about 57,000 of those pages have more than 1,000 fans. The tracker also shows the fastest-growing fan pages. A fan page dedicated to masturbation grew 11,900 percent in the last week and is the No. 8… Read More

  • Sony VAIO P now shipping to American geeks

    Netbook or not, Sony is going to sell a bunch of the VAIO P little lappies and it seems at least some early orders are being shipped. Sony is probably starting with the pre-orders and working their way from there. Originally, the P was suppose to ship sometime in February, but the FedEx man should probably drop a few of off sometime before the end of this month. Anyone order one? Read More

  • Rumor: Canon tells employees to make babies so that Japan can live

    Japan has a serious demographic problem. It’s already the world’s oldest society (22% of the population are 65 and older) and the birthrate stands at 1.34 (but a birthrate of 2.0 is needed to maintain Japan’s population). So what does Nippon do? Answer 1: The country produces lots of robots to keep up productivity. Answer 2: The economy, in this case Canon, lets employees go… Read More

  • Tokyo uses e-paper as disaster prevention measure

    While the rest of the world is waiting for the breakthrough of e-paper as part of everyday life, Japan seems to be a step further. Tokyo-based Toppan Printing has developed electronic papers that can be used as flexible information displays in the case of major disasters such as earth quakes. Read More

  • Fring Integrates Last.fm Into Its Mobile VoIP Client

    Mobile VoIP and IM service fring, one of the more popular mobile communication services around, is experimenting with porting a bunch of third-party apps to the fring client and will be announcing a number of those in the course of this year. Today, fring is launching a custom mobile-optimized Last.fm music radio add-on that brings a lot of the music recommendation service to the fring client… Read More

  • How Many Engineers Does It Take To Make Hotmail Work In Google Chrome?

    With yesterday’s release of IE8 RC, I was reminded of an annoyance my partner had when I first installed Google Chrome because she was unable to use her Hotmail (short for the official name Windows Live Hotmail and not to be confused with Windows Live Mail) account properly using the new browser. I checked if the e-mail service – among the most popular webmail services in the… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: The Foot Edition

    Eight “features” point and shoots need to lose
    Ministry of Silly Videos: Monty Python on YouTube
    Tiny arcade machines for your train set Read More

  • Angry Ex-Employee Lets Loose On SkyGrid

    SkyGrid, a new aggregation startup that is preparing to launch a free version of its product, has an angry ex-employee on its hands named Sara Parker. Parker, a “Process and Documentation Specialist” at the company from August 2008 to December 2008 according to her LinkedIn Profile, says via Twitter that “after discovering baaad things about management team, i gave… Read More

  • Sync Your Gmail Contacts, Calendar With iPhone & Windows Mobile

    Last August, I upgraded from a simple flip phone to a HTC Touch. Immediately I began looking for a way to avoid manually entering my Gmail contacts into the phone. After several hours of fruitless searching, I stumbled on NuevaSync–a free service that sync’d both my Gmail contacts and my Google Calendar.  Thankfully, they also support Google Apps accounts. When I got an iPod Touch… Read More

  • Rumor: New PSP to sport touchscreen, possibly but not probably 3G

    The various iterations of the PSP have seen success, perceived as only modest success due to the runaway sales of the DS. The PSP 3000 actually had some real changes in it, not unlike the DSi, but some think that a more radical reinvention of Sony’s underappreciated handheld is in the cards. Read More

  • IBM and TI feel the heat, lay off thousands

    Just so you know it isn’t just the younger players dropping jobs like it’s going out of style, it looks like the blue chips are feeling it, too. IBM and TI filed their papers just recently and they have been found to be scraping the bottom as well. TI more than IBM, but still. Condolences to all. Read More

  • Avenger Laser weapon knocks UAV out of the air

    Gosh, these lasers grow up so darn quick! It seems just yesterday that the Avenger’s predecessor, the Advanced Tactical Laser, was being tested on those cute little Hercules transports. And then all that fussing about the Free Electron Laser! You just wanna hug ’em! Am I right? Read More

  • The Kyte Dashboard: Like Google Analytics For Your Cell-Phone Videos

    Mobile video service Kyte is trying hard these days to please its biggest (paying) customers: music labels and their artists, primarily. Performers such as 50 Cent and John Legend use Kyte to record behind-the-scenes moments on their cell phones and then share them over the web immediately with their fans. To help its customers manage their mobile video channels just as they would any other… Read More

  • New Paint Stops Wi-Fi Stealing Neighbors

    You may soon be able stop your packet sniffing, WEP cracking neighbors from stealing your precious internet with Wi-Fi blocking paint. That’s right. Nothing complicated, just paint. Read More

  • An MMO top-down shooter? Sign me up! Oh, it's only for Koreans

    I’m a huge shoot-em-up fan. I have, at this moment, at least 113 “shmups” installed on my computer (mostly from Shoot the Core and Shmups.com) but it’s rare to see such a high-profile project, must less a massively multiplayer online one. Valkyrie Sky is that rare and extremely pleasant exception, only the problem is it’s only for Koreans — like you have to… Read More

  • Build a postal scale from old discs and scrap wire

    Got some old CD’s? Some spare steel wire, some tape and a couple of finishing nails? Then you too can build a simple postal scale. What better way to recycle some bits of things that would normally end up in a landfill? Read More

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