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Tuenti is #1 downloaded app in the Spanish iPhone App Store

<img class="shot" title="Tuenti app store" src="" alt="Tuenti #1 in Spanish iphone app store" width="375" height="217" />

Adtelligence gives OpenX reporting a visual makeover

<img src="" alt="adtelligence" title="adtelligence" width="223" height="74" class="shot" />[Spain] <a title="RedCPA" href="http://www.r

11870 launches their sought after iPhone app

<img src="" class="shot2" />Spanish startup <a title="11870" href="">11870</a>, a geo-localized content provider, has launched their <

Hotel reputation management service ReviewPro has big international plans

<img class="shot" title="Competition" src="" alt="Competition" width="302" height="232" />[Spain] I like writing about startups coming o

TagUin, a social network for gamers, closes first round from well known Spanish angels

<img class="shot" title="tagUin" src="" alt="tagUin" width="253" height="166" />[Spain] <a href="">TagUin</a>, a vertica

Yunait launches as a social network for bargains

[Spain] In Spain we're struggling to recover from the recession. We're behind our European neighbors and our unemployment rate is now 18%. A recovery is apparently coming, but in the meantime, people

BBVA Open Talent – 7 days left to submit your startup for a chance to win €100k

Spain proposes file-sharing sites shutdown – without a hearing

<img class="shot2" title="reunionsinde" src="" alt="reunionsinde" width="350" height="263" />[Spain] This week has been an exciting one

5gig, a social network for concert goers, gets more money and eyes rest of Europe

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FICOD in Madrid launched awkwardly this morning with Kevin Spacey

<img src="" alt="logo" title="logo" width="284" height="73" class="shot" />[Spain] Though I’m dying to browse around and mingle at <a title="

Tuenti gives Spain's search giants and social networks a fright

<img src="" class="shot2" />[Spain] A few weeks back, I met with <a href="">Ícar

Why are there not more Spanish startups? OkuriSpaces aim to change that

[Spain] You don’t often hear start-ups bursting forth from Spain and flourishing abroad.  Nowhere near compared to what you see appearing from other European countries such as Germany, UK and F

Can't choose what to watch? We have 100 invites to Partigi

Partigi almost sounds like a board game, and it maybe fitting, since they’re a new social network geared toward helping indecisive movie-holics chose their next flick or tv series, whether onlin

Citiservi's semantic local search rolls out into UK and Italy

Citiservi, a small startup out of Spain, is working on a smart local search platform. They’re up against a number of recognized competitors – 11870 or even the local yellow pages, Páginas Amarill

Jobsket hopes to mix up the job search market

With today’s job market, even if there are countless job search alternatives to go around, there’s still opportunity to stand out. Jobsket, a small bostrapped startup operating and Spain a

Fluidinfo – a database aiming to socialize information

Fluidinfo is a small startup based in Barcelona, with a tight international team working on what appears to be a unique idea. The idea came out of its shell just over a week ago, with their free to us