Chicisimo takes on street fashion in Germany and Poland

Chicisimo, the Spanish born social platform for fashion fanatics is planting its high heels into new markets, launching and and now available in a total of 6 markets, including US, UK, France and Spain.

Girls share their own personal styles, tag brands, colors, styles. And others can discover them, interact, and find inspiration for breand new style ideas. The concept is much like Weardrobe, Polyvore, Chictopia and Looklet.

It’s no coincidence that one of the founders behind Chicisimo, Gabriel Aldamiz-Echevarria, also happened to be a one of the initial names behind Strands, a social recommendations engine. Recommendations and fashion fit like a hand in a glove.

“What is interesting is that now, you can measure what people wear. More and more data is starting to be available in the fashion space, just like Internet made more data available in other sectors. Better yet, this data will be available to everyone, and will help each of us better understand how we dress, and how we dress compared to our friends, and how our habits evolve, making it easier to discover new brands,” says Aldamiz-Echevarria.

For now Chicisimo is working on increasing traffic and growing user participation to bulk up on content, involving brands (now over 4500 brand pages included) and expanding into new markets. Once there is enough data compiled, they expect to slice it and dice it many ways and explore a number of monetization channels, including data mining for brands and fine-tuned e-commerce.

Chicisimo boasts some of Spain’s most recognized seed investors, including Iñaki Ecenarro, Eneko Knorr, Iñaki Arrola, and Jose del Moral.