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Virtual conference platform preps for US, hopes to cash in on travel chaos

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IMASTE It’s cold out and the flight cancelations all over Europe are getting many of us. It’s amazing how much nature can impact business. So IMASTE, Spanish startup with a “virtual exhibition” solution hopes to bank on making events actually accessible. Today they release imastebox 2.0 (demo), a public beta of a complete upgrade to their platform. The new version boasts a complete visual make-over and integrates new features. With the upgrade, IMASTE hopes to break out of Europea and compete directly with large, venture capital backed U.S. players, including Unisfair, Inexpo and 6connex.

IMASTE was actually born offline in 2003, organizing real-life job fairs bringing together university students and the companies that wanted to hire them. Since then, the company hopped over to a much more interesting domain, evolving a European provider of virtual events, 3D online environments and online trade-shows.

The main improvements of this version are:

  • Visual enhancements:  Enlarged 3D environments and new pavilions and venues
  • Navigation aids: new usable navigation menus and tools
  • Networking lounge and tool: To enable better interaction between participants and recruiters
  • Skype integration for video conferences
  • Social networks integration: with Facebook connect and twitter connect, and viral marketing tools
  • SEO improvements with stand pages indexation through full HTML versions
  • Meetings tool: So that recruiters can schedule meetings with job seekers and perform skype interviews.
  • New agenda tool
  • New stand interaction components: New photo gallery, video introduction for employee testimonials…
  • Performance improvement: with lazy loading strategies and asset size reduction
  • Full reporting of all user interaction at the event’s virtual stands
  • According to Miguel Arias, the new platform aims to “put together the virtual and physical trade show Business, creating a community that lasts longer than the event, thanks to social Networks and networking tools”.

    IMASTE is rolling out an ambitious expansion plan, seriously eyeing the US, having already featured over 100 virtual fairs across 15 countries, all on the screen.


  • Chris Bonnett

    really interesting concept for the international exhibitor, and visitor to look at different markets and opportunities, hope it will not be clunky and do well, I think integration with social media is very important for this to have legs, face-to-face contact for existing clients is what half these fairs/exhibitions etc are about – ChrisBonnett – Gardening Express

  • Miguel

    Thanks Chris,

    I agree with you!. The idea of virtual trade shows is not new at all, but what is important here is the EXECUTION.

    How we are able to deliver a platform that actually solves a need for exhibitors and attendees while it is easy to use and works perfectly in a browser.

    I would love you to visit our virtual events platform and share your feedback with me!,

    Miguel Arias

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  • Admin

    OK, I do agree with you very much
    thank you

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