Sindelantal gets a €1m boost for online food delivery

Sindelantal (meaning: without an apron), which launched a year and a half ago to tackle online restaurant take out and delivery in Spain, is announcing a €1m round from Michael Kleindl, VitaminaK and earlier investors.

It follows initial funding of €300k in 2010 from well known angels Alberto Knapp, Iñaki Arrola, Rafael Garrido, Ramón Blanco, Luis Ongil and Alvaro Ortiz, among others, while the new funds will be used to boost growth locally and to start rolling out in Latin America in 2012.

Sindelantal, founded by Evaristo Babé and Diego Ballesteros, two guys who’ve been around the block where Internet startups are concerned here in Spain, operates in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Zaragoza and other smaller towns. To date they’ve signed up 350 restaurants and processed 2,500 orders. Its biggest competitor is Just Eat, which currently operates in 13 European markets, including Spain where it boasts 250 restaurants and over 10,000 orders processed. That said, both companies will have to work hard at getting local Spanish restaurants to warm up to the idea of taking orders online and the respective business model.

As for Sindelantal’s new investors, this would seem to be a big vote of confidence. If you haven’t heard of Michael Kleindl, he’s been involved either as an investor or a leading board member of companies such as Zanox, wunderloop, Buyvip, Astramedia, Smartclip and Offerum.

VitaminaK is a new fund led by Iñaki Arrola and Rafael Garrido.