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  • eRepublik releases major relaunch to increase gamer power and retention

    Yesterday afternoon Alexis Bonte, Founder and CEO of eRepublik emailed to tell me that Russia had attacked Washington, with 662 soldiers defending the capital. Today Russia took over. Good thing it’s just a game. Of course, it’s not just any game now that eRepublik, the web based social strategy game, boasts 1.8 million registered users. The game is essentially a browser-based… Read More

  • Oportunista attempts to break Spain's mobile coupon barrier, a coupon-finding service local to Spain, has just launched an iPhone app (developed by MUBIQUO), an important missing piece for a company that specializes in online coupons. The company was founded two years ago after Rodrigo Gimenez Rico and Alexandra Klein came back to Spain from working in the U.S. and decided to give entrepreneurship a go back at home. Among others… Read More

  • Tourist Eye debuts offline mobile travel guides on Android, iPhone

    Tourist Eye pulls out of their closed beta this morning, as they simultaneously launch their app for the iPhone and Android. Two young Spanish founders, Javier Fernández Escribano and Ariel Cámus, are aiming for an international smartphone userbase. The company offers a collaborative space for creating and sharing travel plans and compiling travel guides and will compete with other… Read More

  • Madpixel launches its advertiser-friendly interactive video solution

    Madpixel, a creative technology incubator based out of Spain, has officially launched their interactive online video solution that should get publishers, producers and advertisers to pay attention. It seemingly takes several steps forward in interactive video both for the end user as well as for the content provider, while also providing a lot of potentially useful data for advertisers. Read More

  • Go!Animate cartoons its way into Europe

    Go!Animate, the free animation platform that lets anybody create cartoons, begins its European roll out today, starting with Spain. The company currently boasts over 1 million animations created over the past two years, with 600,000 registered users. The number of available animations is growing day by day and users are not only creating animations in English (over 390,000 animations), but also… Read More

  • Oonair secures €2 million for business mobile video streaming

    Oonair, a live video streaming startup, recently secured 2 million euros in a series A round from bcnHighgrowth. bcnHighgrowth was also behind the recent round in Nuroa. Oonair comes out of a Barcelona based company called Visual Engineering and its technology is mainly aimed at businesses that want to capture, transfer and publish geo-tagged live or recorded video material from the mobile… Read More

  • Nuroa, real estate search engine, secures another million euros

    Nuroa, a real estate vertical search engine launched in Spain in 2007, has secured an additional €1 million from Highgrowth Ventures, their investor from a previous round in 2007. The new round comes during a difficult time in Spain and particularly in real estate, but Nuroa appears to have grown well during the last year. Traffic growth has been 200% up just during the first quarter of 2010. Read More

  • GyPSii launches Tweetsii for Android

    GyPSii, a real-time location based social networks, is based out of Amsterdam. But despite their European headquarters and origins, their primary market for their mobile social+location applications is China, where mobile dwarfs web use. In March, GyPSii released Tweetsii for iPhone. But in the next few hours, Tweetsii for Android will be available for download in the Android Market. Read More

  • Is Telefonica eyeing Tuenti? Or it is the same old rumour?

    [Spain] Is Telefonica buying Tuenti, the leading Spanish social network – or not? The subject comes up regularly in Spain. And so it was that “Telefonica is rumored to be acquiring Tuenti for €80 million” ($104 million) was the latest rumour buzzing around Spanish blogs and Twitter timelines this weekend.  The trouble is that Tuenti vehemently denies it.  Yesterday… Read More

  • ReviewPro scores further €820K to take its hotel reputation service global

    [Spain] As volcanoes erupt and plans get covered in ashes, others continue with good news. ReviewPro, an advanced reputation management platform for the hotel sector has secured an additional €820,000 ($1.1m) in seed capital for further growth, having raised approx. €1m last year. The new funding comes from well know personalities in Spain, among them Nicolas Iglesias, co-founder of… Read More

  • Social travel portal Minube unpacks in China

    [Spain] Minube, a social travel portal out of Spain, launches in China today. It’s the beginning of a roll-out across Asia and the company expects to add Japan within weeks, as well as opening an office in Guangzhou. Launched in November 2007, Minube already has Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and French versions. In Spain, traffic is over 1 million monthly visits and at 1.6… Read More

  • Ticketea secures new funding to expand its social event management service

    [Spain] Ticketea, a Spanish startup centered on event promotion and management, has secured a further round of funding after raising $280,000 last summer. In line with most early-stage funding in Spain, it’s on the small side: €100,000 from an undisclosed business angel and €100,000 from public credit fund ENISA. Ticketea operates in particularly crowded sector. Locally… Read More

  • Twision, the first ever twitter television show makes a splash in Spain

    Yesterday we gave you an intro into the first real Twitter television initiative, Twision, originating from none other than a digital TV channel in Spain, VEO7, a part of Unidad Editorial. Veo7 launched their first Twision program last Thursday and will continue to air every Thursday evening at midnight. Here’s some more post-launch insight into the initiative. Unlike other… Read More

  • Tuenti, Spain's leading social network, switches on local for a location-based future

    Madrid-based Tuenti, sometimes called the Facebook of Spain, has been around for four years now. It’s a very well funded company that, despite a huge growth in user numbers and a number of product releases, has been getting some bad press on their lack of monetization and for not having a clear direction – though if you follow the product releases and the company’s hiring… Read More

  • Wiki-style business directory Brownbook hits 34 million listings

    [UK] Brownbook, the business directory, has integrated seed data for nearly 4 million businesses for several countries to fill up their pages and grow the site’s index to 34 million listings. A move that is clearly an investment on their part to reach new countries and increase activity where they already have coverage. Brownbook’s approach is quite different from many well known… Read More

  • Social wine site Uvinum uncorks in the US

    [Spain] Just last week, Uvinum a Spanish grown social wine recommendation portal took their first step into the English speaking market with the launch of the UK version. Today Uvinum uncorks in the US, in a further effort to reach into mature ecommerce markets as part of their very quick, international expansion. Uvinum, led by founders Nico Bour, Albert Garcia and Albert Lopez (all… Read More

  • Allmyapps updates its iTunes-for-apps, we have beta invites

    [France] I first learned of Allmyapps at Le Web ’09 when the company’s CEO Thibauld Favre, and co-Founder Aranud Coulondre, grabbed my attention and enticed me into a demo. I nearly missed my flight. Allmyapps, a small but ambitious startup based in France, aims to become the “iTunes for software applications” as Thibauld puts it, bringing simple 1 click… Read More

  • Language learning community secures first round

    [Spain/Austria] Last week closed their first funding round from an undisclosed Austrian serial angel investor. The total sum is also not clear, but appears to be below €500,000. is a two year old, online community based language learning startup, launched out of Spain, founded by non-Spaniards, Bernhard Niesner (Austria) and Adrian Hilti (Switzerland). Last December… Read More

  • Sparkeo's video platform could make your knowledge pay off – invites

    [France/Israel] Sparkeo places its bets on advanced visual learning, offering a portable video platform specifically designed for experts from any field to create, distribute and monetize their expertise online. Why? Frederic Ankin, Spakeo’s CEO, argues for the need for simple video monetization to enable people to sell their knowledge on the Web. “Currently, the highest quality… Read More

  • Teambox for project management secures €140,000 funding

    [Spain] Teambox, a collaborative project management platform, is another Spanish home-grown initiative that aims to compete on an international scale, with the likes of Basecamp, incorporating a social, Yammer-like model. The startup has recently secured €140,000 in a small round through Keiretsu Forum Barcelona, a large international business angels network, mainly from Albert Feliu… Read More