QDQ Media and 11870.com get married…sort of

QDQ Media, the Spanish subsidiary of PagesJaunesGroupe, who offers a line of web design and online marketing services especially geared at local SMBs and 11870.com, a local Spanish champion for business listings and recommendations just announced an collaboration agreement, with a hefty integration, to muscle up in joint effort.

The agreement makes sense for both, wherein each compliments a missing piece and allows for further growth. QDQ brings in 200,000 opinions for 1.500.000 business from 11870. Another words, they will integrate a slew of user generated content. QDQ will also soon add 11870’s quote request service for businesses. For 11870, it means growing their reach and revenues substantially; QDQ boasts 45,000 clients. Yet it’s still a space that can grow exponentially, as more and more Spanish SMBs start getting the hang of promotional online opportunities. And both companies are clearly looking to bank on it together.

The integration is substantial. Services offered on 11870 can now be accessed and fully managed directly from QDQ’s user control panel. This means a business can manage its 11870 presence, including listings, photos, videos, as well as have a fully consolidated view of statistics and reviews from both sites. Together, they claim that both companies will give their clients exposure to 4.4 million monthly visitors. Users can also access 11870 from QDQ with their login. Strategically, this is quite simple and obvious, get more of the market together, by making it easier for SMBs to manage listings, online reputation and marketing services all from one place, put more services on the menu for both the sales forces to pitch and reinforce each brand’s credibility by backing each other.