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First Startup Weekend Barcelona wrap-up

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Barcelona Startup WeekendBarcelona Activa hosted its first ever Barcelona Startup Weekend, which kicked off this last Friday, meticulously organized by Ellas 2.0, a growing initiative and community dedicated to cultivating technological entrepreneurship among women in Spain.

To generate the right hype, focus and motivation, Ellas 2.0 invited Isabel Arcones, founding partner of Inveready First Capital and SpainNexus, a business accelerator based out of San Francisco for up and coming Spanish tech companies looking to grow out of the Spanish market into a successful US presence.

On Friday afternoon, 66 participants pitched a total of 20 projects, which quickly slimmed down to a total of seven. Of that seven, 30% (still low) of participants were women, who led 3/7 of the final projects:

  • Buy Vakili – Online store for exclusive designer products made from recycled materials.
  • Coupies – Geo-localized mobile coupon platform
  • Kantox – International currency exchange marketplace-mediator
  • It’s Happy – Vertical wishlists
  • Cirkana – Alternative mobile travel guides, with a gaming component
  • Tripku – Social travel network for matching travel companions
  • Shift-o-rama – Online shift scheduling & management platform with social media integration

After the Jury’s (investor panel) deliberations, the winners were…

  • Tripku for most innovative
  • Kantox for best team
  • Shift-o-rama for overall winner

Whether these projects turn into companies with viable products is yet to be seen. More importantly, however, is the atmosphere created and the breadth of dedication these teams put into the learning experience. Ellas 2.0 is planning future Startup Weekend events in several other Spanish locations, so stay tuned.

  • Phil Smy

    Hopefully there will be some announcement about upcoming ones. We wanted to attend this but only heard about it last minute! How do we get onto a mailing list????

  • Jackson


  • peignoir

    Thanks to Marina who stayed the all weekend!
    for some photos check that link

    @phil we have a linkedin group, we usually use startupdigest but it seems there is none in Barcelona. In the future we will set a mailing list for next year (we need to do that for 125 cities keep growing…) We have also a list of the upcoming events on our main website (some will be in the south of France, and soon in Galicia…)


    • Phil Smy

      Thanks. We are not in Barcelona anyway (we are in Andalucia and I am 99% sure you will never do an event down here!), but we are keen to get involved. Please let us know how we can get more advance notice when you have that set up. Is there an email address we can send something to now so we are not forgotten?

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