• NYC To Get Wi-Fi In Parks, But It's Free For Only 30 Minutes Per Month

    The City of New York giveth, and it taketh away. On this fine morning when we discover that there’s a proposal to ban smoking from all city parks and beaches we also discover that city parks will be gaining Wi-Fi access points, courtesy of Time Warner and Cablevision, the two big local cable companies. Well, not really “courtesy of,” since there’s a whole bunch of… Read More

  • Cafés Cutting Wi-Fi Because Of All The Freeloaders

    Darn interesting tale in the Los Angeles Times that tells the story of the DOWNFALL~! of the Wi-Fi café. It seems freeloaders have ruined all of the fun. You know, the lone guy who sits down at a table for four, then camps for three hours having ordered a single medium coffee. Way to go, guy. Read More

  • UK body clears Google of Wi-Fi wrongdoing

    Google has been cleared of any wrongdoing relating to Wi-Fi snooping in the UK. Well, partially cleared. The country’s Information Commissioner’s Office, whose job is to “uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals,” has said that “it is unlikely that Google will have captured… Read More

  • The "Tube" shall be getting Wi-Fi, old chum

    Pip pip and cheerio! The London Tubemaster General, Mayor Boris Johnson ESQ 1st Class Deceased is proposing that the tube lines in London have Wi-Fi coverage. While he does not want cellular coverage – then they’d have to have quiet cars – but he does wish people to enjoy email, saying “I think people do want the facility of looking at their Blackberry, or whatever… Read More

  • Google faces multi-state investigation in the U.S. over Wi-Fi fiasco. Should it?

    You know, I’m somewhat conflicted when it comes to this Google story. Yesterday it emerged that France had discovered that Google’s Street View cars had surreptitiously collected private citizens’ passwords and other sensitive data. Today we’ve learned that several states here in the U.S., led by Connecticut, plan to investigate Google over this whole Wi-Fi fiasco. Read More

  • Different Wi-Fi standards: Israel blocks iPad imports from the US

    For some people, buying up iPads in the US in bulk and selling them in their home countries for $2,000 and more means serious business. But don’t do that in Israel, at least for now. The country’s Ministry of Communications has started banning all iPad imports yesterday because of the difference in Wi-Fi standards in the US and Israel. Read More

  • AT&T's CEO (of all people): iPad will be driven by Wi-Fi, not 3G

    As everybody knows by now, Apple ships the iPad in the Wi-Fi version this month, with the 3G subscription-based model following in April (probably). And as it’s AT&T that has secured the right to provide 3G connectivity to iPad users in America, you’d think Randall Stephenson, AT&T’s CEO, would be the first person to promote sales of the 3G model. But it’s… Read More

  • Wi-REACH: Roll your own 3G hotspot

    So you like the idea of the MiFi but you already have a 3G USB stick, eh? The Wi-REACH aims to give you the best of both worlds with a $99 cradle that turns your 3G USB stick into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Read More

  • Samsung S8500 becomes first Bluetooth 3.0 approved handset

    There is nothing more satisfying than claiming to be the first at anything, and so far this week, Samsung must be pretty happy with itself. After announcing its plans to mass produce AMOLED touchscreens, the first to include built-in touch functions, Samsung’s S8500 will be the first consumer handset to feature Bluetooth 3.0. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, or SIG, has approved… Read More

  • Free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s starts today. Buh, buh, bup, buh, bah, I’m lovin’ it!!!

    Ah yes. Nothing better than toting your laptop into McDonald’s and going through a handful of napkins every time you need to type something or move the mouse cursor. The food there is greasy, I guess would be the main takeaway from that sentence. Read More

  • Science sez Wi-Fi is totally safe, not likely to cause people illness

    There’s been a few stories over the years about people being overly sensitive to Wi-Fi. It makes them sick and whatnot. There’s usually one reaction to such stories: bologna. (That’s not my reaction, mind you. If you’re sick, you’re sick. Who am I to call you a liar?) Well now! A series of studies, carried out by the UK Department of Health, say “there is… Read More