• Review: JBL Roxy reference 430 & 250 headphones

    “Aww, those are so cute!” says my wife as I took the new JBL Roxy headphones out of the shipping box. Me? I could not care less how my gadgets look, as long as they work well. But my wife instantly reminded me that looks are more important to some, so I came up with the idea to send the headphones to high school with my little sister-in-law for some teenager hands-on. Read More

  • Review: HUGlight adjustable, wearable 4-LED flashlight

    Short Version: The HUGlight is a flexible foam rubber flashlight-type apparatus that can be worn around your neck. It can also be bent and positioned to illuminate hard-to-reach areas, making it more useful than just a simple wearable flashlight. Read More

  • Review: Nyko Wand for the Wii

    I’ll keep this review short and sweet, folks. If you’re looking for a second, third or even fourth Wiimote for your Wii then allow me to suggest picking up Nyko’s Wand. It’s priced $5 less than Nintendo’s Wii Remote and you’ll never know the difference when playing with your Wii Wii. It even comes with a blue condom! Read More

  • Review: Kindle DX

    Another month, another version of the Kindle. I’ve been using a Kindle since it was shaped like a very thin doorstop and I’m delighted each time I see a new version. The latest version is the DX, a monstrous 9-inch version of the smaller Kindle 2 that supports direct PDF reading without conversion. Why am I interested in the Kindle? Well, I already have a first-gen Kindle so… Read More

  • Review: Klipsch Image S4 headphones

    Several months ago, CrunchGear reviewed Klipsch’s X5 headphones, which I pronounced the best in-ear headphones I’d ever used. Unfortunately, they cost $250, which kind of puts them out of reach for most people (it would for me if I hadn’t been lucky enough to review them). But now Klipsch has expanded the Image line down to the sub-$100 level and I’ve been testing out… Read More

  • Review: Jabra SP200 Bluetooth speakerphone

    Short version: The Jabra SP200 is huge Bluetooth speakerphone with extra large controls and extra loud volume. Read More

  • Review: Logitech G19 keyboard

    The keyboard everyone in the world drooled over for months and months is out there on the market. It’s got its own LCD screen, it looks slick as hell, and it costs a mint. You know you want it, but should you really buy it? Read More

  • Review: DirectFix's iPhone LCD Repair Kit

    By Brian Bray John Biggs graciously gave his sister, my wife, an unlocked 3G iPhone for Christmas. My son, just over a year at the time, quickly realized this new piece of tech was competition for his Mom’s attention, so he sent it sailing off of our kitchen countertops onto a hard tile floor. The result was a short hairline fracture that turned into a long hairline fracture which… Read More

  • Review: Griffin Technology Clarifi iPhone Case

    I am the kind of guy who can appreciate damage. It is the way of things. Entropy is part of the natural order of events—an unstoppable phenomenon.  For some, it is hard to accept this after forking over $400 for a fancy Smartphone. I mean, you don’t want the thing getting all scratched up right?  You don’t want it subjected to the elements, right? You want it to look… Read More

  • Review: Tee Jaye's Barnyard Buster

    Picture from Pics of Breakfast Man alive. I just ate a Barnyard Buster at Tee Jaye’s Country Place in Columbus, Ohio and I’m not feeling so good. I’ve had these things before, being an Ohio native, but today might be my last one. What is a Barnyard Buster? It’s hash browns, two biscuits, eggs (any style), and sausage gravy. I think there’s bacon in there somewhere… Read More

  • Review: Slingcatcher

    This review comes from and was written by Ted Kritsonis Sling Media’s Slingcatcher has been touted as the device that would give users the opposite benefit of the company’s popular Slingbox products. Rather than “placeshift” a TV signal to be viewed remotely on a computer, the Slingcatcher would allow a TV to display content from a computer. Read More

  • Review: Revolabs Solo TableTop Wireless Microphone

    The Revolabs Solo USB microphone is a wireless mic/speaker for use in a meeting room setting. It can connect to a computer via USB, or to an A/V system with audio in/out. It consists of a charging base that connects directly to the audio source and a removable mic/speaker component. Read More

  • Review: At $9.94, Radica Golden Tee Golf is a pretty solid last-minute gift

    Last week I mentioned this Golden Tee Golf CrunchDeal and said that I’d even buy it for myself. Well you may have thought, “That Doug, he’s all talk — sitting up in his mansion atop a pile of free gadgets, he’d never stoop low enough to buy a plug-and-play TV game for ten bucks.” I’ll have you know that I did indeed purchase the game and I’m happy… Read More

  • Review: Ultrasone HFI-580 headphones

    You may have seen the review of Ultrasone’s mega-high-end Series 9 headphones the other day. Well, the company doesn’t just make $1600 cans; these HFI-580s represent the more affordable end of their product spectrum, and although they cost about 90% less, I’m thinking they probably sound 90% as good. Read More

  • Review: is an online retail/wholesale business located in Shenzhen, China, dedicated to selling really cheap electronic gadgets since 2003. Embarrassingly enough, I somehow managed to spend an entire hour there searching through tons of crap. Once I had 21 random items in my shopping cart, I realized it was time to stop browsing. Read More

  • CrunchGear's Best of 2008 plus the People's Choice

    Welcome to CrunchGear’s Gala Best of 2008 Awards featuring the Best Gear, Gadgets, and Software of 2008. Best of all, we tallied your responses and collated them in the People’s Choice awards. Now that I’m wearing my tux, let’s get right to the awards. Read More

  • Review: SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse

    The thing about reviewing mice is that you’re actually looking at two separate entities. Yes, you’re looking at the mouse itself, the hardware, but you’re also simultaneously taking into account the software that powers it, the drivers. A mouse without adequate drivers might as well not exist. Read More

  • Review: i360 Sport Infused Headband

    Want to listen to your iPod? Don’t care about your iPod getting wet or sweaty? Then stuff your iPod into this headband and run around like the magical iPod unicorn you are. Read More

  • Review: Philips DC910 Docking Entertainment System

    Short Version: The Philips DC910 is great-sounding system for playing music from your iPod, a USB thumb drive, an SD card, FM radio, or up to two external sources — all for under $150. Read More

  • Review: Ultrasone Edition9 headphones

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an audiophile. I enjoy music and I enjoy good sound but I have yet to be bitten by the high end audio bug. I understand that good audio gear is expensive but have also yet to feel that headphones are worth $1,700. And yet, why am I so fascinated with the Ultrasone Edition9 headphones, a pair of closed-back cans with natural surround sound and… Read More