The Blackberry Classic Is A Noble Throwback To The QWERTY Era

It’s 2003. Outkast’s “Hey Ya” is playing on your Archos Jukebox as you take the train into work in the near dark. At your hip is strapped a Blackberry 7200, one of the first co

The da Vinci 1.0 AiO Is The Future Of All-In-One 3D Printers

As we enter the second half of this, the Decade of 3D Printing, we are coming to a crossroads. On one hand the Rebel open source RepRap crowd are clamoring to keep 3D printing free, man, while the Imp

The Galaxy Note Edge Is A True Cutting-Edge Phablet

Samsung either plays it entirely safe – see most of the Galaxy Tab line – or entirely gonzo. Whether it’s the chimerical Galaxy K Zoom or their curved TV, it’s as if the compan

William Gibson’s ‘The Peripheral’ Is A Wild Ride Into The Future

If any writer defined our collective nerd future and made computing cool it was William Gibson. As accessible as Raymond Carver and imaginatively dark as Philip Pullman, Gibson made it easy to dip int

Amazon’s Fire HD 7 Is A Low-Priced Tablet For The Avid Reader

The Fire HD 7 is the latest in the long-running Fire line of LCD ereaders. Amazon has taken great pains to make this new model lighter, smaller, and more robust and, for my money, I’d say that t

For Those About To Rock The Jamstik, We Salute You

I love stringed MIDI instruments. After messing with the gTar two years ago I’ve been looking for the perfect portable MIDI device that allows me to meld my inability to play keyboards with my s

Motorola’s Moto X Should Be Your Next Android Phone

As we enter the era of the ubiquitous Big Phone, it’s refreshing to hold something like the slim and light second-generation Moto X. Priced at $500 unlocked and about $99 with a contract, this 5

The Das Keyboard 4 Is The Hacker’s Choice

One of the defining images of the cyberpunk movement of the 1980s and 90s was William Gibson's cyberspace decks. Although never explicitly described, they seemed to be something like a self-contained

This Monstrous Linksys WRT1900AC Router Is For Folks With A Real Appetite For Networking

There are wireless routers, and then there are wireless routers with a 1.2GHz dual-core Marvel Armada SoC processor and 256MB RAM that supports USB 3.0 drive transfer speeds and has four massive anten

The Ultra-Dense Seagate Fast 4TB Portable Drive Is A Speedy Hunk Of Storage

With the rise of the cloud, external hard drives have nearly gone the way of the dodo. After all, who needs a fiddly, easily broken hard drive in an era of always on, high-speed Internet. But sometime

Garmin’s Vivofit Has Some Neat Features, But How Does It Compare To Other Wearables?

Garmin had the world by the tail. With their amazing in-car GPS devices and great sports watches, it looked like things could only go up. Until every phone on the market got a GPS chip and Google mapp

YC-Backed Orankl Gives Small Vendors The Same Tools As Amazon

Customer reviews are the backbone of sites like Amazon (where they have turned into a platform for some of the most inspired comedic writing on the Internet), but it can be difficult for smaller retai

Building On The Solidoodle 4, A Sub-$1,000 3D Printer With Solid Hardware But Sad Software

3D printer prices are falling steadily, something that shouldn't surprise anyone familiar with the vagaries of the electronics market. What cost a few thousand last year is now hovering at less than a

Minecraft, The Book

If you read one book this year about green pixelated monsters that were originally supposed to be malformed pigs, make it <a target="_blank" href="

Hands On With The Afinia H-Series 3D Printer, A Rugged Printing Rig For Home And School

In the kennel of 3D printers, I'd equate the oddly-shaped and homegrown <a href="">RepRap</a> printers to lovable mutts. The <a href="

The Makerbot Digitizer Is Nearly Magic

When I was a kid I was amazed by advances technology. I went to a friend's house when I was in fifth grade and his father had a PC - an <a target="_blank" href="

Trainspotting: Hands On With The Mondaine Retro Automatic Watch

This weekend's watch review is focused on the Mondaine Automatic, an older model that hovers right about the $500 price point - a rare departure into the bargain section for this series. The model I t

Weekend Watch Review: Grappling The Girard-Perregaux Chrono Hawk

Girard-Perregaux, to those not familiar with watch lore, is a watchmaker founded in 1791 and that now produces handmade, manufacture pieces in the mid- to high-level range. I've been a longtime fan of

The LUMOback Is An Infuriating, Ingenious Posture-Saving Device That May Drive You Crazy

As a quantified-self junkie and a huge slob, I enjoy attaching all manner of electronics to my body. That's why I was excited about the <a target="_blank" href="">LUMOBack</a>.

Beating Up, Dunking, And Dropping The Olympus TG-2 Tough Camera

While we normally focus on flagship hardware on TC these days, I thought this new Olympus tough camera - an upgrade to the TG-1 released last year - was interesting enough to feature. Why? Because it'
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