• HTC CEO promises ‘at least’ three Android phones this year

    For those of you keeping score in the “How many Android phones will HTC launch this year?” game, the answer is “at least three,” according to HTC CEO Peter Chou. Read More

  • HTC Maple to be revealed next month?

    HTC’s most BlackBerry-like device yet, the Maple (see previous coverage here) may poke its head out of wherever cell phones normally keep their heads at the CTIA conference in a couple weeks, according to DigiTimes. Read More

  • In times of crisis, watchmaker Ulysse Nardin gets drunk, hooks up with UK cellphone OEM

    I saw this last night and in my evening haze I though I might have been hallucinating. Sadly, I wasn’t. Ulysse Nardin makes nice watches, mostly designing for yachting and diving, and they have a certain style that I particularly like. However, some douche convinced them to make a phone with a little automatic movement weight attached. Apparently this movement will actually… Read More

  • Woman finds cell phone in bag of chips

    A Wisconsin woman opened a bag of Clancy’s Ripple Potato Chips and found a super old Nokia cell phone inside. Ewww! Who uses a Nokia that old?! I mean, ewww, a cell phone in a bag of chips! The phone apparently wouldn’t turn on but it had a T-Mobile SIM inside “and a discolored circle on the back, as if it was once connected to a belt clip.” Read More

  • Bluetooth rotary phone for old school ringing, time-consuming dialing

    Remember when people used to memorize phone numbers? How many of the phone numbers of the contacts in your cell phone do you know by heart? I know my wife’s and both my parents — that’s it. Assuming I’d want to get in the way-back machine and go to a simpler time, this Bluetooth-equipped rotary phone might do the trick quite nicely. Read More

  • Acer parties like it's 2003 with new DX650, X960 smartphones

    Somewhere in the heart of Mount Fuji, Acer’s crack team of designers are listening to Hail to the Thief and pounding back Zima because they have finally gotten the world’s attention. You see, Acer’s smartphone division has been completely forgotten within the company – someone tasked them with creating a touchscreen phone back in 2003 or so and then forgot to let them… Read More

  • 85% of people: "Them phones is too hard to use!"

    A recent poll of 4000 people (which is probably enough) found that a majority of them felt that mobile phones these days are too hard to set up and too hard to use. I can see that, however I think the iPhone and G1 are doing things right. Even as someone immersed in tech 24/7, I was afraid to explore the capabilities of my old phones on Verizon. Read More

  • Pharos Traveler 137: What the Garmin GPS phone should have been

    I’m totes down with the Traveler 137, the latest GPS phone from Pharos. I’ve used their GPS devices for years now and this one looks like a worthy addition to the pack. Sadly, it’s a bit pricey: $599.95. It’s completely unlocked, though and runs on any GSM network. Read More

  • You’ll shoot your eye out ear off, kid

    This hilarious fake prototype of a gun with an old-school Nokia phone built into the handle is what calls “The First and Second Amendment Combined.” Read More

  • Nokia E63 up for pre-order on Amazon for $499

    The Nokia E63 has surfaced on for a pre-order price of $499, unlocked. You’ll remember the E63 as the tie-loosened, top-button-unbuttoned little brother to the more polished, business-oriented Nokia E71. Read More

  • Behold the world’s thinnest QWERTY phone

    German company Neoi has apparently developed the world’s thinnest QWERTY phone. That’s bold! Know what’s even more bold? A company inserting its name into Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence formula as a marketing ploy (see upper right hand corner of the above photo). That, my friends, takes some brass ones. This better be one amazing phone, a phone the likes of… Read More

  • Zune phone coming at CES keynote?

    Once upon a time, Zune phone rumors were as thick on the ground as Autumn leaves. But as the inevitable nothing happened, they died down and were replaced by the more interesting Windows 7 rumblings. But now Microsoft is in pole position to announce something like a Zune phone, having pretty much let the whole 7 cat out of the bag and lacking any really compelling major product developments… Read More

  • Pomegranate NS08 smartphone features HD projector, shaver, coffee maker, harmonica, and voice translator

    We spend most of our time searching for the ultimate convergence devices and I truly believe that I’ve found the one to beat. It’s the Pomegranate NS08 from Nova Scotia, of all places. The millimeters-thin touchscreen phone handles voice, web browsing, and e-mail with ease but also tackles tough tasks that no phone to date has attempted. Read More

  • Review: Samsung Highnote (Sprint)

    Short Version: The $99 Samsung Highnote is a capable music phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack and built-in stereo speakers. If music’s your thing, the Highnote could serve you well. Read More

  • Terrorists used BlackBerrys to cause horror

    From the Courier Mail: Among their arsenal of weapons are bags of almonds and BlackBerry mobile phones – almonds to keep their energy up, and the mobile internet connections to stay one step ahead of police and the military. These fuckers turned our tools against us and it’s an embarrassment – and a reminder – that the tools that make our lives easier and, dare I say… Read More

  • Review: AT&T Quickfire

    Short Version: The $99-after-rebate Quickfire from AT&T is an appealing alternative for the Sidekick crowd, but the promotion of AT&T’s music features without including earbuds or even some sort of adapter for the proprietary connector a real head-scratcher. Read More

  • Review: Clarity C900 cell phone for seniors

    Quick Version: The idea behind the Clarity C900 mobile phone is sound – big keys, bright display, loud ringer, emergency call button – but the interface might be a bit feature-heavy and confusing for most elderly users. Read More

  • Clarity announces iPhone killer for seniors

    The ClarityLife C900 succeeds in so many places that the iPhone fails that it’s not even funny. First of all, it’s unlocked and, at $269.95, it’s not that much more expensive than an iPhone with a two-year contract. Once you get to a certain age, locking into contracts is silly. As my ninety-one-year-old grandmother says when asked about remarrying, “What’s… Read More

  • Old-school handset for people who still resist cell phones but realize they’re greatly outnumbered

    I know it’s hard, but sooner or later everyone gives in to the idea of cellular telephony. Sure, you may long for the good old days of old-fashioned, straightforward talk on a golden handset but the fact is, until now, you were left with little to no recourse. Enter the “YUBZ Talk” from fashion-forward France. It’ll apparently run about $50 and they’ll start… Read More

  • The sun has set on GE and RCA home telephones as Thomson announces it’s quitting retail telephony

    Newsflash: apparently nobody really buys landline phones anymore. At least, not enough people buy home phones that Thomson – the company behind GE and RCA phones — has decided “to exit with immediate effect its retail telephony activities in North America.” Ironically enough, I got this message just as I was sitting down to write up my review the phone system you see on… Read More

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