Sling Studio makes multi-camera video production so damn easy

I like making videos — it’s what I do. So when I come across a product that makes my life easier I get pretty excited and pumped about it and decide to film a review. The Sling Studio is a fun little piece of hardware that fits all the fun of a multi-camera video production into my backpack… and that is no joke. I was very impressed with all the power and efficiency that was packed into this little studio-on-the-go. I have some information and photos below, but everything you need to know about it is in the video, so prepare the popcorn, invite the family over and enjoy.


I fit all the hardware for a fully functional multi-cam shoot in my backpack.

Some photos of the product

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Final thoughts (in case you just want to know what I think and not watch the video):

The Sling Studio System does have some limitations, like only being able to connect up to four cameras*, and you can only record to Facebook Live and YouTube live. But the company says in the future you’ll be able to add your own custom RTMP. You also can’t add your own custom motion graphics at the moment, but can add still logo and images or use the limited graphics they have available. The lag between what you see in real life and on the iPad is very noticeable; you really have to just focus on the feed and not look or listen to the live action or it will mess you up. Also a small annoyance: If you switch between different internets the system doesn’t know and doesn’t update the info to tell you the speed of the current internet speed —  you have to manually click to update the information.

Even with those hindrances, Sling has created something that lowers the barrier to entry for full live-switched productions and it’s awesome; I mean, just being able to fit the whole thing in a backpack and set up and switch a shoot quickly, then edit it is a game changer. If you’re running a small production company, it’s going to save you time and money on post-production. The live streaming looks amazing, and is easy and clean.

A full-on Tricaster has all the bells, and we won’t be getting rid of ours anytime soon, but if you’re looking for a solid alternative to the Tricaster or to add another weapon to your production arsenal, I would definitely give the Sling Studio a go.

*Update: In my testing I only connected four cameras at most since only four streams show up on the iPad interface. But you can actually connect up to 10 cameras and switch between all of them, so the limitation is actually only up to 10 cameras which is plenty.

Video Credits

Written by: Tito Hamze
Hosted by: Tito Hamze
Filmed by: Gregory Manalo, John Murillo, Tito Hamze
Edited by: Tito Hamze

Special Thanks to Mitch Eason, Joe Seiler, Keven Hempel and Jenni Curtice for letting me shoot at her tea shop, Luna Tea.