• Kytephone Officially Launches App To Turn Android Phones Into Kid-Safe Devices

    Kytephone Officially Launches App To Turn Android Phones Into Kid-Safe Devices

    Kytephone, the mobile app that transforms Android smartphones into kid-safe devices, is officially making its public debut today. The startup had previously been in beta, following its reveal at this spring’s Y Combinator Demo Day, where founders Renat Gataullin and Martin Drashkov first detailed their company’s vision. The idea behind Kytephone is simple. It addresses… Read More

  • Android Phone Owners Use Their Devices For An Hour A Day

    Android Phone Owners Use Their Devices For An Hour A Day

    Nielsen has found that Android users tend to spend over an hour a day on their phones. Sixty-seven percent of their time is spent “working” with apps while the rest is spent on the mobile web. Forty-three percent of those apps are top 10 Market apps while the top 50 apps are used 61 percent of the time. The rest of the apps – all 250,000 of them – are used the rest of… Read More

  • President Obama Wants A ‘Cool’ Phone

    There’s a good chance that your office or home is more tricked out, tech-wise, than the Oval Office. President Obama complained yesterday, in what the AP calls “off-the-cuff remarks,” that what the Oval Office lacks is a “really cool phone.” Can someone get the president a Droid or something? Read More

  • Elfoid: Creepy Robot Cell Phone (Video)

    When it comes to bizarre robots, you can always count on Hiroshi Ishiguro: the so-called Elfoid [JP], a mix between mini humanoid, telepresence robot and cell phone, isn’t exactly made by him but based on his Telenoid robot from last year. Developed by Japan’s Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR), the Elfoid phone is supposed to make remote communication more… Read More

  • Talking to People, So Over

    We’ve killed a lot of things recently at Techcrunch: the phone call, cable tv, books, the mouse, and many more. Regrettably, I’m ready to kill off another one — talking to people. It’s so inefficient, slow, and old-fashioned. ‘Talk’ about something that been around for at least thousands of years and is ripe for disruption by new technology. The latest… Read More

  • Which Cellphone Did The Yemeni Terrorists Use?

    If you look closely at this shot of the bombs allegedly sent from Yemen to Chicago you’ll notice what looks like a small camera up in the corner. Slide down the side and you see the volume buttons and I suspect the silver area is where the battery holder once stuck to the circuit board. It’s clear that this was a phone – probably of modern vintage – so which phone is it? Read More

  • London Underground To Get Wi-Fi To Prep For 2012 Olympics

    The London Underground, commonly known as the Tube, will be getting Wi-Fi. There will be a six-month trial period beginning on November 1 at the Charing Cross station. Read More

  • Ewwwww… Your Phone Is Dirtier Than A Toilet Flush Handle

    According to a study by Stanford University students, your phone is covered with 18 times more germs than a toilet handle which means, in short, anyone who touches your phone will get your disgusting, disgusting germs. The study, published in July, found that: “If you put virus on a surface, like an iPhone, about 30 percent of it will get on your fingertips,” Julian said. In… Read More

  • Review: Powertel 500 Cordless Phone For The Hearing Impaired

    My mom has some hearing damage in one ear. She doesn’t wear a hearing aid but she does go “Wha?” whenever you ask her something and then you have to scream what you just said, embarrassing everyone at the AA meeting. When Powertel, a subsidiary of a German company, Amplicom that has made devices for the impaired for years, offered to send over a Powertel 500 DECT cordless phone… Read More

  • New York City Subway To Get Wi-Fi, Cellphone Service

    You’ll soon be able to use your phone in the New York City subway system. It’s part of a $200 million renovation of the system, which, well, not to say that it’s falling apart, but it’s seen better days. There used to be a W train, for example. Memories. Read More

  • Video: A quick look at how computers, phones have affected our eyesight

    The friendly folks at VSP Vision Care sent along this quick video explaining how our increased use of computers and smartphones have affected our vision. Remember when you were growing up and you were told not to sit too close to the TV? How many of you now spend nearly every waking hour inches away from a computer monitor, or glued to your iPhone? Mm. Read More

  • Panasonic's paperless, stylus-compatible fax/phone combo with 4.9-inch touchscreen

    Fax isn’t dead, at least not in Japan. In January last year, Panasonic introduced the “world’s first” paperless fax machine for the Japanese market. And today, the same company announced [JP] the KX-PW821, which is (according to Panasonic) the “world’s first” stylus-compatible fax/phone combo. In other words, it allows users to directly write messages… Read More

  • Google postpones phone launch in China amid recent quarrel

    Looks like there won’t be a “Google phone” in China, not for a while at least. Well, an official phone; I’m pretty sure the gray market will take care of that. And yes, it has to do with the ongoing Google-China troubles. Read More

  • The island of misfit phones

    So AT&T has a problem: even after early and vociferous defections by bloggers, they’ve been getting creamed for sub-par service everywhere, especially left and right coast cities that rhyme with Blue Pork and Fan Fanfisco. Verizon is stepping into that breech by releasing these clever commercials touting its network over AT&Ts. But, as Mr. Fireball notes, Verizon is talking about… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: All AT&T phones for a penny

    We’ll start this deal off with a gigantic asterisk. This deal does NOT work for a) existing AT&T customers looking to renew or b) anyone who wants an iPhone. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Unlocked Nokia 5800 for $240

    Dell’s got a handsome deal on an unlocked Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone at just $240 with free shipping. The offer is good for two days only, from today until Saturday the 12th at 5:59 AM Central Time. Read More

  • Do all your phreaking before you turn 18, kids

    Please turn your attention to Rolling Stone, where an article about a blind, lonely phreaker is currently tearing up the charts. That is to say, it’s an article worth your time, certainly better than refreshing for the thousandth time in a day. Read More

  • Mobile phone sales down, smartphone sales up

    According to Gartner, worldwide mobile phone sales are down about 6% from the same time last year; yet the volume of smartphone sales has increased almost 30% in the same time frame. No doubt the uptick in smartphone sales is due to the release of cool new devices like the iPhone 3GS, the Palm Pre, and the various Android phones coming to market. As expected, Nokia remains king of the hill… Read More

  • Thriller Skull Phone could have just been named 'Skull Phone'

    Oh Brando, cashing in on Michael Jackson’s untimely death? You’re better than that, Brando. At any rate, the Thriller Skull Phone is an old-timey standard phone in the shape of a skull with blue LEDs for eyes that light up when the phone rings. Read More

  • Who knew? MagicJack is flying off the shelves

    More proof (see: the Perfect Pushup and the Snuggie.) that having a quirky, on-all-the-time commercial is a step in the right direction toward Big Success. MagicJack is selling something at the rate of 9,000 to 10,000 units per day, making its parent company, YMax Communications, some $100 million this year alone. But, in this age of Skype, who’s buying this thing? Read More