• What To Look For During Microsoft’s Announcement Of Office 2013 Today

    What To Look For During Microsoft’s Announcement Of Office 2013 Today

    Microsoft is expected to announce the next version of Office today, and it has already prepped a new “Office Next” blog in advance of the official details. Internally, the project has been known as Office 15, but unless Microsoft plans to disrupt its standard naming conventions (now, that would be news!), we’re awaiting arrival of “Office 2013″ today – a… Read More

  • “Office On The iPad” App CloudOn Raises $16 Million, Is Adding Group Collaboration

    “Office On The iPad” App CloudOn Raises $16 Million, Is Adding Group Collaboration

    CloudOn – yes, the company known best for bringing Microsoft Office to the iPad – has just closed a $16 million Series B round led by The Social+Capital Partnership with participation from Translink Capital as well as existing investors Foundation Capital and Rembrandt Venture Partners. Mamoon Hamid, General Partner at Social+Capital, will now join CloudOn’s Board of… Read More

  • This Is What Microsoft Office Looks Like On An iPad

    This Is What Microsoft Office Looks Like On An iPad

    We heard all the way back in November that Microsoft would launch an Office app for the iPad, and it would seem that the big day draws even closer. According to an unverified image captured by The Daily, a version of Microsoft Office for iPad was caught running on one of Apple’s tablets. Read More

  • The Post-Office Generation

    The Post-Office Generation

    A recent post on MinimalMac posits an interesting case for the slow, growing sense of the irrelevance of Microsoft, at least in the applications space. Go and read the piece – it’s excellent – but the gist is that for years Microsoft banked on Office being as important to users as, say, Windows. Office is Microsoft’s biggest money maker and for most of this decade… Read More

  • Report: Microsoft To Bring Office To iPad In 2012

    Report: Microsoft To Bring Office To iPad In 2012

    The iPad hasn’t been much of a revenue stream for Microsoft, which has been focusing on developing its own competing tablet ecosystem. But as a software company, it can’t ignore the scores of millions of Apple devices out there for long. Sure, it has a few things in the App Store, but one of its biggest earners, Office, is entirely absent. The Daily reports that this is likely… Read More

  • WhiteyBoard: An instant whiteboard for your instant office

    While I’m not sure what I think about the name, I do like WhiteyBoard’s game. WhiteyBoard is an “instant” whiteboard made of plastic that weighs less than two pounds and slaps right up on your wall without screws. Instead of those standard, crazily heavy and expensive whiteboards you’re used to, you simply buy a 18-inch, 3-foot, or 6-foot WhiteyBoard, slap it up… Read More

  • Ribbon Hero for Microsoft Office

    Tired of Guitar Hero, and DJ Hero, and Rock Band Hero, and Flailing Wildly Hero games for your console? Ready to try a fresh new challenge, that might actually provide some real world skills, unlike frantically mashing colored buttons? Try your hand at Ribbon Hero for Microsoft Office! Read More

  • Microsoft Fights Google With Google-Hosted Videos

    Yesterday, we saw Microsoft shamelessly go after the iPhone with a video which played at Mobile World Congress for its new Windows Phone 7 Series. But it’s not just Apple that Microsoft is taking on with videos, it’s competitors like Google and as well. On the Microsoft Office Videos channel on YouTube, you’ll find a series of videos which find Microsoft… Read More

  • Congratulations to Andrew S. and his office, for winning our contest

    Lucky reader Andrew S. was picked by our sophisticated random number generator as the winner of our show us your office contest! Andrew tells us that “the only work that gets done is usually fueled by caffiene and any random snacks I have on hand.” That pretty well describes my own work ethic, so good on yer, Andrew! Read More

  • Autonomous office cleaning robot

    Japanese conglomerates Fuji Heavy Industries, Sumitomo and Subaru are developing a new robot [JP, PDF] that’s able to clean office buildings autonomously. The yet to be named robot (pictured on the left) is sized at just 50x45x80cm, meaning it’s able to maneuver even along narrow paths. Its functions include vacuuming the floors and picking up garbage. Read More