Timeular’s cute little box makes the hellish task of filling out your time sheets fun

Anyone who has ever worked with clients will know the pain of tracking your time. Yes, it’s important to know how long you spent so you can bill correctly, but it is tedious, hellish and horrid — and, added to that, too often left until the last minute, when it becomes harder to remember what was done.

Enter Timeular and its pretty little eight-sided box, which makes tracking your time — dare I say it — actually a fun thing.

The box is essentially a timer that sits next to you as you work. Each side of the box can be configured to a task or client so that, when you change what you are working on, you simply tip the box to sit on the label. Voilà, the stop clock for that new task begins. That’s hugely useful if your work is in client services, perhaps within a legal practice, a marketing agency, etc.

The product — which is called ZEI — launches on Kickstarter next week, wherein it will be priced at less than $100. Compatible apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac are available to track the timings, retain your work history and more. Timeular plans to offer more services in the future to help its customers work more efficiently.