You can now use your fingers to draw all over Microsoft Office for iPhone

Nothing says “professional business document” quite like finger drawn scribbles. Sure, it’s not likely to become anyone’s default method of expressions for Microsoft’s various iPhone Office apps, but when it comes to doing things like highlighting tidbits and adding notes on the fly, it could prove a useful tool for some.

An update to that dropped in the App Store today brings the functionality to the Word, Excel and PowerPoint iOS apps. In Office, that means clicking into the “Draw” tab (which takes a few clicks to access), which will bring you to a simplified page layout, where you can draw on top of the text doc.

There are options for a pen line, highlighter and eraser, as well a number of different colors. The tool is also somewhat pressure sensitive, allowing you to create bolder lines by pressing your fingers down harder on the screen. In Excel and PowerPoint, you can also draw on top of cells and slides, respectively.

Drawing isn’t a very exacting tool, and doing non-drawing things like scrolling around the page requires toggling out of the feature. There are a couple of issues here and there, as is to be expected with a newly added feature, but it certainly works as advertised for those who need/want it.

via The Verge