• First Impressions: Callpod Dragon V2 Bluetooth headset

    Revamping their bluetooth headset of 2007, CallPod is just about ready to ship the Dragon V2. Coming in at just 5 cents short of $100 bucks, they’ve managed to pack a bunch of features into a box $20-$30 bucks cheaper than other high-end headsets: 100 meter range, dual-mic noise suppression, 8 hour talk time, “Dragon to Dragon” (Walkie-talkie-esque) communication… Read More

  • HP's "Dragon" laptop is too big for its britches

    When is big too big? When does a laptop cease becoming a laptop and becomes a portable desktop? When does the word “portable” start to mean “maybe with three guys and a crane?” Apparently now, thanks to HP and the new 20.1-inch laptop its calling “The Dragon.” Read More