• Chicago Meetup: Kumbuya

    An Interview With Publisher Josh Karp On His Media Funding Solution, Kumbuya [TCTV]

    Josh Karp is an idealist. His last venture, the Printed Blog, is a charming, sometimes beautiful example of what can happen when you connect the immediacy of the web with the permanence of print. Now, however, he’s trying to make the bloggers he works with a little money. Read More

  • Uber Spins Its Latest Variation On Car Rides: DJs On Party Buses In Chicago

    Uber Spins Its Latest Variation On Car Rides: DJs On Party Buses In Chicago

    Uber is still growing its business as a disruptive (sometimes controversial) car service app, but in the meantime it continues to push the envelope on what else it might eventually do with the logistics infrastructure it is also creating. The latest development comes by way of Chicago, where Uber is now laying on busses with DJs and drinks. Yes, it’s bus bumping from Uber. Uberpalooza… Read More

  • Chicago-Based Bidmyway Launches Hyperlocal Mobile Deals App

    Chicago-Based Bidmyway Launches Hyperlocal Mobile Deals App

    Bidmyway is a newly launched local deals app operating in the Chicago market. As opposed to being a deals aggregator for more popular brands like Groupon or Living Social, the app offers exclusive deals made with local merchants. What’s unique about Bidmyway is its interface and how the deals are presented to end users. Consumers “dial up” local deals using a click wheel… Read More

  • Chicago No Longer Getting Citywide WiFi Network

    Though Chicago may be home to great things like deep dish pizza and DA BEARS, it won’t have a citywide WiFi network come 2008. Chicago officials have officially killed the plan that would have given 228 sq. miles of Chicago wireless Internet access. Unfortunately, not enough financing was available for the project to go through, despite companies like EarthLink showing interest. I guess… Read More

  • Motorola Vending Machines

    Motorola is creating what they call “robotic stores,” called Instantmoto, to sell Motorola phones and accessories. While these amazing store will probably be completely indistinguishable from stores staffed with actual human employees – both the robot and the humans would probably fail the Turing test, given enough time – these vending machines will sell the RAZR and the… Read More