• Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Panzerbox

    Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Panzerbox

    Gamers rejoice! No longer will you need to make that painful decision of whether to skimp on power in order to get a small form factor PC you can easily transport to your next LAN party, or whether you risk a hernia lugging your tricked out full tower desktop. NZXT's new Panzerbox is an all-aluminum mid-size case that's 25% smaller and 50% lighter than similar products with high airflow and ATX… Read More

  • Class up your Amazon Kindle with a bit of crocodile skin

    Kindle owners can bring a little taste of the Aussie outback to modern New York just like Mic did years ago for only 50 bucks! The STYLZ Avantgarde cases are available in two different leather stains and should fit your Amazon Kindle like a glove – or a case. There are even button cutouts along with spots on the inside for business cards and such. Honestly, the cases are kind of… Read More

  • Case Logic intros TSA friendly laptop cases

    Case Logic intros TSA friendly laptop cases

    The latest TSA security protocol allows laptop-touting travelers to keep their junk in their bag, but only pre-approved ones. Case Logic’s first batch offers up both a laptop case and sleeve options. Personally, if you already have a well-loved case, I would pick up the sleeve and all you would have to do is pull out the sleeve and not reveal your MacBook Pro to thieving eyes. Whatever… Read More

  • Yet another iPhone 3G case

    Yet another iPhone 3G case

    iPhone owners. Tired of jealous nerds peeking over your shoulder for a glimpse at your Jesus-phone? We hear ya. We have showcased iPhone cases with cell phone boosters, Oakley ‘style.‘ leather, and even solar powered units but none with mirror-like screen protectors. It sounds like the it will give iPhone users a bit of privacy.  Details are sketchy, but for a whopping $38.70… Read More

  • Solar powered iPhone 3G case is awesome, ugly

    Solar powered iPhone 3G case is awesome, ugly

    I dislike cases for phones as much as I loathe Bluetooth headsets, but the battery life on the iP3G stinks and I’m willing to break one of my rules. I won’t actually use the case and clip it onto my belt because I’m against that too, but I will keep it in my gear bag or pocket. There isn’t a whole lot to this case other than it having a 1500 mAh battery that’s good… Read More

  • Review: Proporta Dual Skin case

    Review: Proporta Dual Skin case

    Well, now that we all know what side my bread is buttered on let’s take a look at the first of the iPhone 3G cases to hit these shores. While the Proporta Dual Skin case can fit any iPhone, this thin silicone case is made specifically for the 3G. It slips on like a rubber sock and keeps your the phone’s precious case from scratching against objects in your pocket or bag. Read More

  • New wooden cases and speakers for the iPod

    New wooden cases and speakers for the iPod

    Tokyo-based Marubeni Infotec [JP] sells two new stylish accessories for the iPod classic/nano/Touch. At the beginning of next month, the so-called “Alle STACK for iPod” speakers (1Wx2) will be rolled out for prices between $93 (for the iPod nano) and $102 (for the iPod classic). Marubeni promises high sound quality because they used precious wood to manufacture the speakers (American… Read More

  • Oakley now offers an iPhone case

    Oakley now offers an iPhone case

    This $30 chunk of Unobtainium rubber from Oakley can be yours to encase that soon to be out of date iPhone. Excited? Didn’t think so. Read More

  • A sumptious "leather-nila" envelope for your MacBook Air

    A sumptious "leather-nila" envelope for your MacBook Air

    Want to relive that special manila moment again and again? Want to impress your pals at the cafe before they have second thoughts about the practicality of the sexy little device? Bird Electron is coming out with a pretty nice-looking little replacement envelope, complete with double-circle tie, but somewhat more durable and protective than heavy-duty paper. I’m not a fan of the Air, but if… Read More

  • Waterfield Designs Keyboard Sleeve

    Waterfield Designs Keyboard Sleeve

    This keyboard sleeve from Waterfield Designs borders between completely useless and the really useful. I can’t tell. On one hand, it’s a nice keyboard sleeve. Waterproof, heavily padded. It can probably take good care of your keyboard on the go. But another part of me asks, “Why are people bringing a full-sized keyboard around with them?” I mean, when are you going to use… Read More