Flipcase Adds Some Fun And Games To Apple’s iPhone 5c Case

Apple may not have hit a home run with its iPhone 5c case, which in my view would’ve been better off without the cut-out dots on the back, but those holes have proven inspiring for at least one enterprising game-maker. Flipcase, a new game from Australia’s Dave McKinney and Stuart Hall, who created the Discovr music inspiration app, uses the case to its maximum advantage.

Flipcase was a “weekend project” for McKinney and Hall, and it doesn’t offer up much in terms of complexity – keen observers will notice straightaway that it’s really just Connect Four with touch-based controls. But it does flip the iPhone 5c case on its head – literally – to make the cut-out spaces on the back the game board for one- or two-player dot-lining action.

It may take you some tries to get the iPhone into the case with the screen facing out the back without accidentally locking the screen (it did for me at least), but once you’ve overcome that hurdle, the Flipcase app provides some entertaining distraction paired with clever UI design that lines up perfectly with the 5c case’s perforations. It’s hardly groundbreaking, but it’s simple and fun, and it gives you something to do with your official iPhone 5c case from Apple while you’re figuring out just what to use to fill out your CaseCollage creation.