iPad Grabbit Case Helps You Keep A Grip On Your Tablet

iPad case design concepts keep coming out, with more and more of them starting to look the same. The concept is simple: a hard case, with a hand-strap grip on the back that rotates 360 degrees. The case looks like a great idea if you depend on your iPad and use it for extended periods of time.

The problem with the Grabbit is, there’s already another product identical to it out there, called the Handstand. The Handstand is currently listed as patent pending, so the Grabbit people might be disappointed depending on when they filed their patent request. The Grabbit case also is “available soon” according to their website, so it appears that they might not be in production yet. The Grabbit is currently available for pre-order for $49 (plus shipping) from their website. Be aware, this is part of the Kickstart project, where a product will only be produced if enough random people ante up the money.

If you’re interested in looking at some other cases, check out our iPad case round-up from earlier this month.

[via iPodNN]