Logitech’s New AnyAngle iPad Case Gives It A Surface-Style Kickstand

Logitech is slowly but surely turning the iPad into a Microsoft Surface – which is good news for those who envy some of the Windows device’s productivity features, but not its software or overall form factor. The new Logitech Keys-To-Go feels a lot like the keyboard included in the Microsoft Type Cover, and now there’s a stand/case called the AnyAngle that essentially mimics the Surface’s variable inclination kickstand.

The AnyAngle will provide protection to your iPad, with a front cover flap, full coverage of sides and edges, and a back panel with a see-through window so that you can enjoy your huge expanse of gold, silver or space gray even with the case on. The iPad Air 2 fits in it snugly, and yet is also easy to remove and insert whenever you want. Passthrough buttons give you access to all switches, and openings let you charge, take pics and get sound from the speakers.

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AnyAngle’s multi-material front cover provides a nice bit of visual flair, and a folio-style look that should suit office use, and the key feature here is the folding kickstand that’s clearly aimed at productivity nuts. You can adjust it to prop up your iPad at an analog range of different stances, with the motion of the stand combined with flipping your gadget altogether.

AnyAngle’s prop powers make it a formidable companion for frequent travelers, and for those wanting to type with the Keys-To-Go, Apple’s own Wireless Keyboard or any other BT companion input device that doesn’t come bundled in a case of its own. It’s nice having the option to either use it with or without keys, too.

The AnyAngle still feels like it adds a decent amount of bulk to the iPad Air 2, however, and it costs $59.99 on its own. It’s cheaper than a keyboard case if you just want a case, and no keyboard, or if you just want a keyboard, it’s cheaper to get the Keys-To-Go than a keyboard case – but if you want both all the time, a keyboard case is a better option. If you’d rather have choice, or just one or the other, Logitech’s new lineup has you covered.