Twelve South’s New SurfacePad Gives Your iPhone A Smart Cover

Twelve South announced a new iPhone accessory today, one that probably looks familiar if you’re aware of Apple’s Smart Cover and Smart Case products. The SurfacePad for iPhone is a sheath of Napa leather that wraps around your phone and provides basic level protection while adding a minimum amount of weight and thickness.

The company is clearly selling this as a fashion accessory, given the way they’re marketing it. It’s a nice looking addition anyway, and the thin cover should protect both front and back from scratches and scrapes, something that the iPhone 5 could use. It adds only 1.77 mm to your device’s thickness, and sticks onto the iPhone with a residue-free adhesive to make sure it isn’t going anywhere once applied. The front cover also folds back and doubles as a stand, hence its resemblance to Apple’s Smart covers and cases for iPad.

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The SurfacePad comes in black, white and red, and is available for both iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5 form factors. It’s less bulky than most folio type cases, if that’s your thing, and it retails for $34.99, which hardly breaks the bank, especially for a genuine leather case. It’s available to order now from